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Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 720 Pro review

Looking for information about the new Kreg Jig 720 Pro? This review will give you everything you need to know about the new feature tool from Kreg Tool.

If you’ve ever seen a project from us, you know we probably used a Kreg jig to build it. We are huge fans of Kreg Tool products for cutting and joining.

We’re excited to tell you all about their brand new pocket hole jig, the Kreg 720 Pro!

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 720 Pro - Charleston Crafted

This Kreg Jig 720 Pro review will give you all the information you need to know about the new tool, its uses, the best parts about it, and where you can get it.

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 720 Pro

The Kreg 720 Pro is Kreg Tool’s newest innovation in pocket hole joinery. It’s their new top-of-the-line pocket hole jig.

The Kreg 720 Pro and 720 are now the feature pocket hole jigs from Kreg as they are discontinuing the Kreg K5 and Kreg K5 Master System.

Let’s get into the details about the 720 Pro.

Kreg 720 Pro and Box

What is the Kreg Jig 720 Pro?

The Kreg Jig 720 Pro is the newest pocket hole joinery system that is for woodworkers and DIYers alike.

The Kreg Jig 720 Pro is replacing the Kreg K5 pocket hole jig in the Kreg catalog.

Wide pictures of Kreg 720 Pro

The 720 Pro is unlike the previous iterations of the Kreg K4 and Kreg K5 and uses completely different technology.

Previously, you manually adjusted a screw to adjust for the thickness of your material when clamping your Kreg K4 and K5. Now, the Kreg 720 Pro uses their Automaxx technology to auto-adjust for whatever thickness material you’re using.

The Automaxx technology is a spring-loaded system that adjusts when it comes into contact with your workpiece, so you don’t have to manually dial.

Clamping wood with Kreg 720 Pro

Now, the pocket hole drill guides move into place on your workpiece as you’re clamping it into place. This makes it much easier to get a precise clamp and drill on your wood.

What do I use the Kreg Jig 720 Pro for?

The Kreg Jig 720 Pro is used for all woodworking projects, just as their joinery systems have always been used.

The Kreg 720 Pro is great for hardcore woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Kreg 720 Pro with Docking Station

You can build any number of the woodworking projects we’ve done in the past with our Kreg K4 by using the Kreg 720.

Projects using pocket hole joinery range anywhere from platform beds to coffee tables to plant stands to side tables.

How do I use the Kreg Jig 720 Pro?

Using the Kreg 720 Pro is simple. It no longer requires twisting different knobs and screws to adjust for material thickness.

To use the Kreg 720 Pro, you adjust the jig to the thickness of the material you want by squeezing two sliders and moving them to the thickness of your material.

Kreg Thickness Gauge

If you don’t know the thickness of your material, you can use the included thickness gauge that is part of the drill collar wrench.

The drill collar wrench allows for you to adjust the stop collar on the drill attachment to set your workpiece thickness.

Drilling pocket holes with Kreg 720 Pro

When the thickness is set, you place your wood piece against the anti-slip backing and press down on the clamp. The drill guide block will slide down into place until it comes in contact with the wood.

Once it does, the Automaxx clamp does the rest and locks into place. One handed clamping to the maxx.

Using Kreg 720

Once your wood is in place, use the drill bit to drill through the drill guides and make your accurate holes.

After your holes are drilled, switch out the drill bit on your drill for the square head driver and use the appropriate size screws to connect your wood pieces together.

What is the difference between the Kreg Jig 720 and the Kreg Jig 720 Pro?

The Kreg Jig 720 and Kreg Jig 720 Pro are the same base tool with two minor differences.

The Kreg 720 Pro comes with a docking station and a jig clamp that the 720 does not include.

Drilling pocket holes with Kreg 720 Pro Docking Stations

The docking station that comes with the Pro model is for clipping to the sides of the jig to give you more accurate leveling on your wood if using a long piece.

The clamp serves to clamp the 720 Pro into place on your workbench from the back.

The functionality of the Kreg 720 and Kreg 720 Pro are the same.

What are the pros of the Kreg Jig 720 Pro?

The pros of the Kreg Jig 720 Pro are everywhere. The main pro compared to the old K4 and K5 models is the Automaxx clamping.

Thanks to the automatic clamping pressure adjustment of the 720, it makes it simple to alternate your workpieces, even if different thickness.

No more having to twist the dial with your fingers!

Storage system on Kreg 720 Pro

Another great feature is on-board storage for the drill bit, driver and thickness gauge. All of these items snap into the base of the 720 Pro for easy storage.

It’s also great that the 720 Pro accepts Kreg’s Plug Cutter attachment and Micro Drill Guide Block.

Kreg 720 with Plug Cutter

The drill guide slides on and off if you need to swap in the Plug Cutter or the Micro Drill Guide, making it super easy.

The 720 Pro also is very sturdy. It’s a taller piece of equipment, but is very sturdy, especially when clamped down.

What are the cons of the Kreg Jig 720 Pro?

There aren’t many cons to the Kreg 720 Pro. The docking station is great for working with longer pieces of wood, but otherwise isn’t very necessary and it’s easier to have them unclipped.

The storage of the 720 Pro is a little cumbersome because the box it comes in is fairly large and there are multiple pieces if you include the docking stations. However, the docking stations actually are storage bins that can be opened to store screws, the base clamp or whatever you need.

How to I assemble the Kreg Jig 720 Pro?

The Kreg Jig 720 Pro doesn’t need any assembly. It comes ready to go.

The only thing you have to do to assemble the Kreg 720 Pro is to attach the docking stations when you need them. The jig itself comes fully set up and functional.

Where do I buy the Kreg Jig 720 Pro?

The Kreg Jig 720 Pro is available online and in-stores at any retailer you’ve been able to find Kreg products before.

The Kreg Jig 720 Pro retails at $149.99 and is the replacement for the Kreg K5.

The Kreg 720 Pro and all the other tools in their new line of tools can be found together. They are available on Amazon and at, and in-store and online at Home Depot, Lowe’s Hardware, and anywhere else you can think.

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 720 pro

Video review of the Kreg Jig 720 Pro

Check out our video Kreg Jig 720 Pro review to see all the features up close. This video will give you a better look at how the features we discussed in this review actually work.

Kreg 720 youtube thumbnail

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