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24 Woodworking projects to make and sell

Want to make some extra cash? Here are a ton of ideas for easy woodworking projects to make and sell!

Looking to make a little extra cash this holiday season? If you are a woodworker, an easy idea might be to make things that you can sell for a profit.

That can be a great side hustle – and who knows, it could even turn into a full-fledged, year-round business.

How to sell woodworking projects

Your best bet for small wood projects that sell is going to be at in-person events.

While you can sell on Etsy (and we’ve done it), shipping is a beast, things get damaged out of your control, and people like to see and feel things in real life first.

Here are our best tips on where to sell woodworking projects online & in person.

Your best bet for selling in person is going to be craft fairs. Look for neighborhood holiday fairs in November or December – they can be gold mines.

Match your items for sale to the venue. Family neighborhoods will sell kids stuff well. In general, kids stuff does well right before Christmas because so many people are looking for gifts.

Keep in mind that many of these fairs charge a table fee, so analyze that cost and be realistic about whether it’s worth it.

The other best way to sell woodworking projects is on Facebook Marketplace with local pickup. This cuts the shipping but allows you to reach a larger audience. Plus, it’s free!

Here’s our tips for selling successfully on Facebook Marketplace.

Woodworking projects to make and sell

Things to keep in mind

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for woodworking projects that sell.

Watch your material costs

The top problem with selling woodworking projects is that material costs can be high, and many people are used to Walmart prices.

You need to work hard to choose materials that aren’t too expensive but will be consistently good. Scrap wood projects that sell are great, but it takes a lot of scrap wood to make a lot of wood items!

Focus and niche

You will have more success with an online shop or a booth at an event if there is a theme or sense of cohesiveness to your products.

You could pick a theme like home decor, kids crafts, kitchen, or hostess gifts.

The more cohesive, the more likely you are to make multiple sales and gain a return customer.

Make it scalable

Pick something that you can easily make lots of – and won’t get sick of making. Building in batches is really important to keep your time costs and even materials down as much as possible.

Adjust your sizing and design to make the most out of materials without a lot of scrap or waste to help keep your costs low.

Having several of an item at a fair is especially important, because you don’t want to have a hot item that gets bought immediately but you have no more. But don’t make too many that you can’t sell. Have a balance.

Do your research

Do a few quick searches on your local Facebook Marketplace to see what else similar is for sale and how it is priced. If there are tons for sale, it’s going to be much harder to break into the market.

Photography matters

If you are selling online, photos are what will make the sale for you. They are essential.

Set up a scene with a clean background for your photos. Get down on the level with the product and take bright, well-lit photos from all angles.

You can use the simple editing tools on your camera to crop, brighten, and straighten your photos.

And for goodness sake, wipe off your camera’s lens before starting. Fingerprints make everything blurry!

Woodworking projects to make and sell

The best woodworking projects to sell

Here are some of my favorite wood projects that make money!

Woodworking projects to build and sell

Need to make some extra cash? Here are lots of ideas for woodworking projects to build and sell!

Christmas-specific projects

What handmade wood items sell best?

In general, handmade wood items that sell best fall into one of two categories- items that are commonly needed and items that are small and repeatable.

Items that are commonly needed, like tables or benches, are always going to sell well because they are used all the time. However, these are custom orders and not something you can sell at a fair.

Small items that are cute gifts are the other best selling wood items, as long as you can scale them and build lots at one time to lower costs and time on the process.

What woodworking project is most profitable?

The most profitable woodworking projects are going to be ones that are custom orders and designs from someone who does not have a limited budget.

If someone who is used to nice things and wants a dining table with high quality wood and fine craftsmanship, you can sell this for a much higher profit, even though you will incur higher material costs. These customers will understand the value of your time and will pay accordingly.

Smaller items can be profitable if you can make them in bulk and have a high up-sale, but these are harder to make a large profit.

Do woodworkers make good money?

Woodworkers can make good money if they are in an upscale niche with clientele expecting high quality items. If you are trying to make money woodworking at home and selling it on Facebook Marketplace, you won’t make a ton of money.

Taking custom commission pieces is the best way for a woodworker to make good money, not selling small items at craft fairs. Also, if you are selling your designs on Etsy, you will not make good money because of the fees and shipping costs you will incur.

Additionally, woodworkers can make good money if they create woodworking plans for their projects and sell the digital plan files online. This is a great way to make passive income after you’ve built a project.

What are your favorite easy wood projects to sell?

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