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How to build a DIY Montessori front-facing bookshelf – PDF Plans!

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Do your kids love reading? This DIY Montessori front-facing bookshelf is a hit with kids! It allows them to see all of their books and pick which one they want to read!

This front-facing bookshelf is the perfect height for toddlers to be able to reach their own books and bring them to you. Customize it for your kids by painting or staining it to match your playroom decor!

DIY Montessori front-facing bookshelf - Charleston Crafted

How to build a Montessori front-facing bookshelf

Building bookshelves are relatively easy. Two sides, a top and bottom and some shelves in between.

A Montessori front-facing bookshelf is a little more difficult to build without knowing what it is.

Toddler with front facing bookshelf

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What is a front-facing bookshelf?

A Montessori front-facing bookshelf is designed for a child’s books to have the cover facing out toward them, so they can see it.

With the book covers facing your child, it is easier for them to find the book they want. It’s also (theoretically) easier for them to put the books away when they are done with them.

Toddler reaching for book

Our child adores this National Geographic book about animals and his collection of “This Little” books.

It’s also easier for your child to put their books away, compared to putting them onto a shelf in the traditional way.

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diy montessori bookshelf with printable pdf plans

How to build a DIY Montessori bookshelf

Montessori bookshelves have the books facing forward on each shelf. They stay on the shelf by leaning, thanks to a small lip the rises up from the shelf below it.

To build a DIY version of a front-facing bookshelf, you’ll need to plan how wide you want it to be and how tall. Keep in mind it needs to not be too tall that a toddler can’t reach.

You can follow our plans for a DIY Montessori front-facing bookshelf to get the full dimensions and cuts!

Building shelves for front facing bookshelf

To build the bookshelf, you need to build four shelves and then connect them together with a lip on each shelf.

We did all of our connecting using our Kreg Jig pocket hole jig.

Adding sides to front-facing bookshelf

The sides are cut at an angle to mirror the progression up the shelves.

We designed our forward facing bookshelf to include a small platform at the top, where you child can put figurines or display different toys.

Our son loves to play with his Sesame Street figurines at the top.

The best thing about building your own forward-facing bookshelf is that you can customize it in the end. Add your own stain or paint colors to match the decor in your child’s playroom.

Side view of front facing bookshelf

As with all furniture in a home with children, make sure you secure this item to the wall after you build it.

A front-facing bookshelf can look especially enticing to a toddler as it may resemble stairs.

Ensure it is secured to the wall in case your toddler is reaching for something up high.

Full view of Montessori front facing bookshelf

Prefer to buy a bookshelf? Here are my favorite front facing bookshelves available for sale!

Grab our full set of plans for this DIY Montessori front-facing bookshelf today and get the materials list, cut list and step-by-step instructions!

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how to build a montessori bookshelf with pdf woodworking plans
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