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DIY Coffered Ceiling

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The DIY coffered ceiling we just put up in our new nursery seriously makes this look like the nicest room in the house. We did another DIY beadboard ceiling in our stairwell and hallway last year, but this one did even better, thanks to experience and better products from Woodgrain.

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Thank you to Woodgrain for sponsoring this post. All opinions are our own. 

DIY Coffered Ceiling

We partnered with Woodgrain using their Finished Elegance line for this project just like we did with the DIY wainscoting we shared a couple of weeks ago.

This DIY coffered ceiling design was actually fairly easy in the grand scheme of things and way easier than in the stairwell since we didn’t have to balance ladders on the stairs.

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Here’s how we made our nursery’s DIY coffered ceiling:

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The Bead Board

We started by sketching out our ceiling with exact measurements, then cutting 10 squares of bead board to fit.

Nine identical squares for our square room and one different for the entry nook.

We attached the squares using construction adhesive and our nail gun. This made it very easy to install.

Applying construction adhesive to bead board
Placing bead board on ceiling

We had to cut holes for the fan hookup and the air vent, but otherwise, this was an easy process.

Nailing bead board to celing

It definitely looks worse before it looks better!

Bead board on ceiling

Crown Molding

We used Woodgrain’s 5 1/4 inch crown molding all the way around the room.

Their molding is flexible and light so it’s easy to handle when you’re trying to nail it in place.

Nailing crown molding

We recommend you start with a long whole piece and work from there. This is easy to just nail into place.

crown molding in place


Woodgrain has this awesome flat molding in various widths (we went with six inches wide) that we used to create faux beams for the coffered ceiling.

These butted right up against the crown molding nicely with their flat edge.

Nailing beams to ceiling

We started by doing long beams in one direction, then cutting the appropriately sized short beams to run across the other direction.

This created our 10 squares in a ceiling grid pattern.

Beams on ceiling


We spent a good amount of time caulking and sanding all the corners, nail holes, and edges to make sure everything looked as seamless as possible.

Woodgrain makes their own color-matched caulk that works great with their pieces of molding.

It blends into the color of the crown molding especially well.

Caulking molding on ceiling

Since the bead board was an off white though, we used our HomeRight paint sprayer to give the entire ceiling one coat of an off-the-shelf white.

Paint spraying ceiling white

The Final Product

Look how amazing this ceiling turned out y’all!

DIY Coffered Ceiling

This DIY coffered ceiling really wasn’t that hard at all. It took a couple of phases, but we had all the bead board, crown molding and beams up in one day.

It helped that I had cut the bead board pieces the night before.

Then we just caulked and sanded during the week and painted when we painted the wainscoting.


Before photo of ceiling


How to Hang Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Obviously you’re getting a little sneak peek in these final photos of the fan and wallpaper as well, but we wanted to give you the full effect.

I love how much architectural detail this project added to this basic space!

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For now, thanks again to our partners at Woodgrain for the amazing products they have that we were able to use for our nursery DIY coffered ceiling.

Their Finished Elegance line is great for the DIY home renovation crowd.

The products are really nice, we love that they come finished and how easy they are to cut and work with. We highly recommend Finished Elegance by Woodgrain for your next molding project!

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Wednesday 2nd of September 2020

Any tips for which order to start putting the beadboard on the ceiling? Notice a few gaps in between them, which obviously is covered up with the boards after. Just concerned that we might do our best to measure, but when we start putting them up, we'll end up with some overhang, and unevenness and want to avoid.


Sunday 6th of September 2020

If you have a square room, I would start in one of the corners and work one direction. Then start the next row and line up the ridges in the bead board. If you have a rectangular room, do the same thing. If you have odd nooks in your room, it might be best to save that for last so you can get as many perfect rows in place as you can, then work into the nooks.

Jeff Ellman

Saturday 29th of August 2020

Excellent job, looks very nice! I would have coped the inside corners of the crown molding, but the caulk should suffice. Congrats!


Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

I asked about room dimensions because I like the look of the proportion of ceiling squares to the total room and would like to mimic that in my condo living room which is 14 x 14.5 feet. Trying to gauge how many squares to do, factoring in efficient use of bead board sheets. Thanks!


Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

Can you tell me the room dimensions ? Length x width of the room? Thanks!!


Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

Sorry, I'm not sure! It's a fairly small bedroom.

Elizabeth Martin

Tuesday 21st of July 2020

Could you give the exact product numbers for the Woodgrain 5 1/4" crown moulding and the 6" trim? The HD website lists so many! thanks!


Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

Hey Elizabeth, I updated the post with the links, but the crown moulding is and the flat boards are Hope that helps!