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How to build a angled tabletop plant stand

Want to build a simple but unique tabletop plant stand? Check out our step by step tutorial for how to build this angled tabletop plant stand!

Who doesn’t love a good plant stand? If you like plants, you need a lot of different plant stands to suit the needs of the different size pots and plants.

We’ve designed a lot of types of plant stands over the years, from this wood house shaped plant stand, to this rolling plant stand with shelves, to this three tiered corner plant stand.

Today we’re bringing you an angled tabletop plant stand that is perfect for small plants or succulants!

DIY angled tabletop plant stand - Charleston Crafted

How to make a plant stand for small pots

We have some drippy plants that needed a good home and decided to make a plant stand that mimicked a tree. We wanted the plant stand to look like a tree with branches and the plants themselves to look like the leaves and greenery.

This is a simple build that is easy to do with some small pieces of wood that you might have lying around. If you’re looking for other scrap wood projects, here’s a few to get you started!

Front view of angled plant stand

Supplies needed

To build this project, we only needed eight pieces of wood cut to size. This entire project can be built from one standard 6′ long 1×3 from the hardware store or with scraps you have laying around. You can also adjust this to use with wider boards if that’s what you have.

Here’s a few non-wood items you’ll need too:

Steps to make an angled tabletop plant stand

The idea is to use opposing angles stemming from the main “branch.” Each branch is going to have angles on each side in order to make it match up and have a flat top for the plant to sit on. Here’s how we made it!

Step one: make cuts and drill pocket holes

You’ll start out by making all the cuts that we have outlined in our woodworking plans. All of the branch pieces have slight angles, but these can be done easily with a miter saw or even a hand saw with a miter box.

Since these angles were strange, the best way to make sure that each piece was securely attached to every other piece was to use pocket holes.

We used our Kreg Jig to drill holes on each branch to make sure it was securely attached. Even though the plant stand will feature small, lightweight pots, it’s important that it is structurally sound.

Drilling pocket holes with Kreg 720 Pro

Step two: Attach “branches”

Start assembly by attaching the two branches to the trunk of the “tree” on the plant stand. It’s always best to clamp down the joint when making pocket holes so the wood doesn’t shift.

Step three: Attach to base

Next, we attached the tree to the base piece. We also added a “stump” of a tree to the base as well as a fourth tier to this plant stand.

Step four: attach platforms

Finally, we attached the platforms on top of the branches. These can be done with just wood glue and clamps or pressure, or you could throw in a quick nail to hold them in place while the glue dries.

Step five: stain or paint

When all is said and done, stain or paint your plant stand to meet your aesthetic. Then put it on a mantel or tabletop and add four small potted plants!

Front room view with plant stand

Angled tabletop plant stand woodworking plans

For this project, we partnered with Kreg Tool’s website to host our plans. Kreg has an amazing resource for planning projects. Their website is full of hundreds of FREE plans for every room of your house.

While there, you can download the free plans, including the cut list and step-by-step instructions to make this angled tabletop plant stand.

We have dozens of plans on their site that range from a coffee table to a plywood and concrete desk to a Christmas tree shaped poinsettia stand. Make sure you check them all out!

Angled plant stand

Check out our tutorial for how to make a hanging plant shelf!

This post is sponsored by Kreg Tool. All opinions are our own and our opinion is that we love Kreg Tool. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Charleston Crafted possible!

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