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All of the best Amazon Prime Day Home Deals (updated list!)

Shopping for home, DIY, or tool deals this year? Here are all of the best Amazon Prime Day Home Deals!

Hooray! It is Amazon Prime Day!

While I try not to do too much shopping, it’s hard to resist the pull of Prime Day.

After all, there are so many things on sale!

Today I am here to help you weed through all of the deals to determine what is actually a good price and what you should be buying today!

The Prime Day Sale sale lasts two days – July 16 & 17 – and is packed full of tons of deals.

I am going to be watching the deals and updating this list in real time to share my best finds with you.

I will be focusing on deals that are home related – decor, furniture, tools – anything for your house and projects!

See my best kids and family-related Amazon Prime Day finds in this post!

We will update this list over the two days of the sale, so keep checking back for our latest finds!

Remember a few hot tips:

Remember – don’t get carried away and don’t get Prime Day FOMO. I am here to help you find good deals – but that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard shopping.

Please don’t go into debt for Prime Day!

Here are our favorite deals for Prime Day. Remember that they often sell out quickly, so if you are interested, you do need to act quickly.

And maybe set out some snacks for your delivery people over the next week. They are gonna be working even harder than usual!

home amazon prime day deals

Sales at other stores

Before we begin – remember that a lot of other stores run sales on the same day as Prime Day! Shop around – it’s a great time to find deals everywhere!

What are the best deals on Prime Day?

Prime Day started out originally as a sale on electronics. While it has branched out a bit, it still has a ton of great deals on electronics!

Do all of the Amazon Prime Day deals last for 2 days?

Nope, some of the deals are 1 day only and some are lightning deals that can last just a few minutes! Thats how they suck you in and keep you on the site!

If you see a deal you like, it’s usually better to grab it while you can. Almost everything on Amazon can be returned easily and for free (but double check before buying!)

See my favorite Prime Day kids deals here!

Amazon Prime Day Home Deals

Here are some of the best home-related deals on the Prime Day sale this year!

Today’s most popular home deals

Here are the most popular home deals in the sale so far!


Check out these top deals in home decor.


Prime Day is a great time to stock up on power tools. Don’t forget the batteries!


Amazon will also put a lot of crafting supplies on sale on Prime Day. Here are some great deals!


This is a great time to get a good deal on a kitchen tool or small appliance to make your life a little easier.

Home organization

I love a good basket or bin, they make such a difference in keeping the house neat! These are on sale:


Check out these deals on home cleaning supplies!


Prime day started as an electronics sale and still has tons of great deals on tech!

Garden & Outdoors

There are a ton of deals happening on gardening and yard related items!


Check out these deals on Amazon subscription products!

What are you shopping for this prime day?

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