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Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide review

Looking for how to use the new Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide? This review will give you everything you need to know about the new tool that will help you with all your future projects using Kreg pocket hole joinery.

If you’ve ever seen a project from us, you know we probably used a Kreg jig to build it. We are huge fans of Kreg Tool products for cutting and joining.

We’re excited to tell you all about their brand new pocket hole plug cutter, the Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide!

Kreg 720 with Plug Cutter

This Kreg Plug Cutter review will give you all the information you need to know about the new tool and how to use it to make plugs.

Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide

The Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide is a block that snaps onto Kreg 700 series jigs and allows you to cut your own custom plugs for your woodworking projects.

Let’s dive in.

Kreg Plug Cutter in package

What is the Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide?

The Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide is one of the new tools in the line from Kreg Tool. The Plug Cutter is a guide to help you cut your own plugs from your own wood to fill pocket holes you’ve drilled while doing your project.

The Kreg Plug Cutter is not a stand-alone product. It must be used with a jig in their 700 series of jigs.

Make sure to check out our review of the Kreg 720 and 720 Pro!

The Plug Cutter package comes with a drill guide block and a special drill bit designed to drill plugs.

What do I use the Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide for?

The Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide is used to create custom plugs for pocket holes.

Kreg Plug Cutter in Kreg 720

Kreg has previously sold plugs in store, mainly available in oak and pine, but they aren’t going to be a perfect match for your project.

With the Kreg Plug Cutter, you can actually create plugs from the wood you’re working with, making a flawless, almost unnoticeable plug.

When we first tried this out, we didn’t think there would be too much difference, but there really was. We drilled some pocket holes in a few types of wood, then created plugs from the same board. After wood glue and sanding, it’s almost unnoticeable, especially after stain or paint.

How do I use the Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide?

The Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide isn’t as straightforward to use as you might think, but works really well.

As it only works with the 700 series pocket hole jigs, first you’ll need on of those. Take off the drill guide on the jig by squeezing the to tabs together and then pulling out and up on the drill guide.

Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide in Kreg 720

Then, slide the Plug Cutter guide into the same space. This doesn’t click right in like I thought it would, but it goes if everything lines up.

Pop the Plug Cutter drill bit into your drill and clamp a piece of wood into the jig.

Plug Cutter pieces and drill bit

Drill the plug through the appropriately sized hole, then repeat by unlocking the jig, shifting the wood to the side, clamping and drilling again.

When all your plugs are drilled, you’ll need a saw to get them out. You need to use a scroll saw, band saw, miter saw or any saw that can cut at 15 degrees.

Cut the plugs at a 15 degree angle so that they are released from the wood.

Then use these like you would any other plugs by gluing them into your pocket holes and then sanding smooth when dry.

pocket hole plugs - how to cut them with a kreg

What are the pros of the Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide?

The pros of using the Kreg Plug Cutter are that you get to create your own plugs for pocket holes. That’s good for two reasons.

The first is that you can get an exact match for the wood you’re using already, making the plug much less noticeable.

The second biggest pro is that it will save you money in the long run. If you use a lot of pocket hole plugs already, the Plug Cutter (at $69.99) only costs about the same as seven boxes of plugs. That means you wouldn’t ever have to buy plugs again.

Kreg 720 with Plug Cutter

What are the cons of the Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide?

The two biggest cons to the Kreg Plug Cutter are that it isn’t a stand-alone product and you need a saw to finish the job.

So basically, you need two other tools in order to use the Plug Cutter. You’ll need to invest in the new 720 pocket hole jig and you’ll need access to a saw that can cut at 15 degree bevels.

Most people who would be using the Plug Cutter Drill Guide will have these things already, but if not, you’ll need to invest.

How to I assemble the Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide?

The Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide doesn’t require any assembly itself, other than sliding on the stop collar. However, it does require being snapped into the 720 jig by squeezing the tabs on both sides and pulling out and up.

Where do I buy the Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide?

The Kreg Plug Cutter Drill guide is available for $69.99 in stores and online anywhere you’ve previously purchased Kreg products, like, Amazon, Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Video Demonstration

Be sure to check out my video demonstration using the Kreg Plug Cutter Drill Guide.

Kreg Plug Cutter youtube thumbnail
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