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Sean does public relations to earn money. He spends that money on food. He exercises a lot so that he can eat that food guilt-free. He’s from Charlotte, North Carolina, but through the power of knowing the right people, ended up in beautiful Charleston.

This post will show you how to make fence post caps the DIY way. Make your own fence post caps and save some money! If your fence has been in place for awhile, you’ve likely needed to make different repairs or replacements over the years. Some of the most common fence repairs include repainting, changing …

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Get ready for spring by learning how to build a DIY raised garden bed with trellis, perfect for growing trailing plants like blackberries, raspberries or squash! Every year, we keep adding to our backyard with new plants, gardens and outdoor structures. When we first moved into this house, the backyard was a complete blank slate. …

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