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Christmas Tree Poinsettia Stand

This huge plywood Christmas tree poinsettia plant stand is perfect for displaying loads of poinsettias on your porch this holiday season! Learn how to build it!

We love decorating for the holidays inside and out. We always hang lights and wreaths outside, but we wanted to add something new this year to our porch.

For that, we built this INCREDIBLE Christmas tree poinsettia stand and we are absolutely in love! This is an easy build and you can whip it up for your house too with the easy of Kreg Jig pocket hole joinery!

DIY poinsettia stand - Charleston Crafted

How to Build a Christmas Tree Poinsettia Stand

Several years ago, we built a three-tiered plant stand that sits in the corner of our porch. We usually decorate it with poinsettias and other Christmas decor, but we wanted to change things up.

This stand is actually shaped like a Christmas tree, adding a touch more holiday spirit.

Tools & Supplies used:

For this build, we bought two full sheets of plywood. You can definitely build it with just one, but if you want to have perfectly square corners on your shelves and aren’t 100% confident with your jigsaw skills, we recommend using two sheets.

One sheet can be for your tree and the corners of the other sheet for your shelves. And hey, that way you have extra plywood for you next project if you want to build a Christmas card holder!

Step one: trace and cut trees

We started by tracing half of a Christmas tree on the 4″ side of a piece of plywood. Then we cut that out, clamped it back onto the plywood and cut out a second half.

Two halves of Christmas tree stand

Step two: drill pocket holes

Then we added pocket holes to the back of one tree half and attached it to the other half at a right angle.

We used our Kreg 320 jig for this because it clamps directly onto the board itself. Since this is kind of a big awkward board, it was easier than trying to clamp it into a tabletop jig like the Kreg 720.

Drilling pocket holes

Step three: cut shelves

Next we cut out three shelves. Each shelf was progressively longer on the sides and each had a rounded front from side to side.

We freehanded the curves, but marked the outermost point and cut in a curve to there.

Shelves of tree stand

Step four: attach shelves

We used our Kreg 320 Jig again here to attach these using pocket holes.

Fully constructed tree stand

Step five: paint

The tree was finished with two cans of green spray paint.

This project took more paint than I thought and we had to use a shelter to paint spray that much.

Painting Christmas tree poinsettia stand

Completed DIY poinsettia stand shaped like a Christmas tree

After it was dry, our poinsettia stand looked great!

We set it up in the corner of our porch to have it ready to greet us whenever we came home.

Final Undecorated Christmas Tree Poinsettia Stand

DIY poinsettia stand woodworking plans

We’ve partnered with our friends at Kreg to bring you the full plans for this Christmas tree shaped poinsettia stand for free! 

The plans are available on Kreg Tool’s website with full cut list and step-by-step instructions.

The plans feature all the info you need and pictures for each step to make this as simple as possible for you to reconstruct.

Vertical completed stand

So head over to Kreg’s site to get the free plans for how to build this Christmas tree shaped poinsettia stand and many more Christmas and holiday projects.

Our DIY wooden stockings holder is real simple to build and we’ve got some great gift ideas there too, like our watch and accessories holder or our outdoor rolling grill cart.

Their website is full of easy, helpful plans from lots of amazing builders.

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New to the Kreg Jig? Here is a step by step guide on how to use a Kreg Jig!

OR grab our FREE Kreg Jig Cheat Sheet here! Download the cheat sheet!

For more great easy building projects, check out our Kreg Jig projects page!

Shelves on Poinsettia Stand

This post is sponsored by Kreg Tool. All opinions are our own and our opinion is that we love Kreg Tool. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Charleston Crafted possible!

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Christmas Tree Poinsettia Stand – Free Woodworking

Tuesday 22nd of December 2020

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