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Woodworking Projects

We love sharing woodworking projects here at Charleston Crafted. Whether you are a beginner woodworker or an experienced builder, we have tips, tricks, and project ideas to help you plan your next build.

Being able to pick up a piece of lumber and transform it into furniture is like magic. But, when you’re getting started, all of the tools, plans, and how-tos can be overwhelming and seem complicated.

Whether you are building wood projects to save money, sell for a profit, or truly customize your home, we hope to lay out everything you need to know about making woodworking projects yourself.

woodworking projects

Today we are going to share our best tips and tricks for buying wood, learning to use tools, and picking a woodworking project to make.

We will also share everything that we have learned about making woodworking projects to sell – and how to actually turn this hobby into a profitable business!

How to choose wood for woodworking projects

One of the biggest decisions that novice woodworkers struggle with is picking the right type of lumber for their wood build. Here are some guides to help you make the right choice.

Woodworking tools

Tools are just as important as the lumber when getting started with woodworking.

The best woodworking projects

We have organized our woodworking projects by difficulty, by room, and by occasion.

Here are all of our best woodworking project ideas in one place!

Woodworking projects for beginners

This is a selection of woodworking projects that are perfect for beginners:

Woodworking projects by occasion

Here are woodworking project ideas for every occasion.

You can see our complete woodworking plans library here!

How to sell woodworking projects

Selling your woodworking projects is a great way to transform a hobby into a profitable business.

Here is our best advice on how to sell your wood projects:

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