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6 Dining Room Tables Built with a Kreg Jig – Free Plans & Ideas!

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Want to build a DIY dining table? A Kreg Jig pocket hole jig makes it easy to do! Here are some free plans and ideas to get you inspired!

Dining tables are a really great woodworking project. They are huge and have a big impact on your home. However, they are really just a tabletop and some legs. Not too hard to build!

Farmhouse style dining tables are a really popular option. They are easy to build and are very trendy.

It’s also very easy to build simple picnic tables for your dining room. Pocket holes make it an easy process!

No matter what your style, you really just need two things – a wood top and table legs!

6 dining tables made with a kreg jig pocket hole jig

I have rounded I have rounded up several of my favorite blogger’s free DIY plans to build dining tables. I hope that these free woodworking plans get you inspired!

You can also check out dining table plans on and also check out dining table plans available for purchase on Spruc*dMarket!

Want to build a really simple coffee table? Here’s 18 plans that use a Kreg Jig!

Dining Table Plans using a Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Jig

Want to build a dining room table? It can be easier than it looks if you use a Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Jig! Here are ideas and plans to get you started.

Interested in the Kreg Jig? Click here to read our full Kreg Jig review and to see all of our Kreg Jig projects.

New to the Kreg Jig? Here is a step by step guide on how to use a Kreg Jig!

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