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Monthly Recap

May in Review

May’s almost over, which means June is here and summer is in full swing. For us that means beach days, grilling out at the pool, and lots of visitors. We’ve been a bit wedding heavy around here and will continue to be for about a month more. I hope you are enjoying it, but if …

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April in Review

April was just the perfect month. We got married, surrounded by our friends and family, and spent two weeks in the most beautiful country of Italy! We also finally got to share some wedding projects that we’ve had up our sleeves for a while now. If you missed them, here’s what we did: We shared …

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March in Review

What do you mean, it’s the last day of March? That means that we get married in ELEVEN DAYS. It feels completely surreal that everything that we have been planning for so long is finally going to come together in one day… and oh yeah then we get to go to Italy for two weeks! …

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February in Review

Gosh, I can’t believe that February is over! I know that it is the shortest month, but it really flew by. Now it’s March which means springtime – and we get married next month! I know that things have gotten a bit wedding heavy around here, but they are going to stay that way for …

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January Recap

Well folks, January is over. It was a fast yet slow month. I spent a week traveling for business, so that was slow, but in a lot of other ways it really flew by. It’s starting to warm up around here and I am thankful for that. It’s also heating up on the wedding planning …

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