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2014 Year in Review

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I realize we are more than halfway through January- I’m sorry I’m just now posting this. But it’s been a crazy month so far at work and wedding stuff at home is really starting to pile up quickly. We’re in crunch time with less than 100 days, so it’s busy. But, wanted to share with you this infographic of stats about the blog from 2014. Last year we gave you a different type of year in review infograph, so here’s some cool stats about our blog from last year! Click the image to enlarge it!

2014 Year in Review - Charleston Crafted

These are some cool stats we got from our hosting platform, BlueHost. I like seeing our most popular posts, and it’s interesting to see that some really popular posts from previous years have continued to grow and be even more popular as time goes on. I also love seeing the referring websites and countries that our readers come from. Very cool to think that some of our recipes and DIY and wedding stuff might be getting tried out in all these countries. Finally, thanks to “Heather” and “Runt” for being our most loyal commenters this year, commenting on 10 different posts. We’re really appreciative of all of our followers and you guys help our engagement go up.

Here’s to 2015!

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