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October Recap

Happy Halloween y’all! October has been a fun and fast month. If you’ve been as busy as we have, here’s what we did this month:

In the condo:

Pops of Coral for your Living Room - Charleston Crafted

I want to incorporate more coral into our living room and shared some of my favorite items in the shops right now!

Spray Painting Coral - Charleston Crafted

We spray painted a discount faux coral pink to bring more of that shade into the space.

bear and cici

We shared a story about Cici as a puppy!

I shared some small but cute World Market Halloween decor.

Turn a Lamp into a Cake Stand - Charleston Crafted

I turned an old lamp into a silver cake stand for a DIY contest for Habitat for Humanity.

In the kitchen:

Five Easy Healthy Wraps to Pack iin your Lunchbox - Charleston Crafted

I made five different flatbread lunches in one week and they were all really tasty, easy, and healthy.

Fall Pear Salad - Charleston Crafted

We shared one of our favorite fall salads – chicken and pear!

Pizza Cake - Charleston Crafted

I made the world-famous pizza cake, and Sean can’t stop talking about it!

Halloween Puppy Chow - Charleston Crafted

I made Halloween-themed puppy chow. So nostalgic, so yummy!

Fall Football Snacks by NatureBox - Charleston Crafted

We got a fall Nature Box and really enjoyed the snacks on football Sunday!

Sean sliced off his finger tips in the kitchen and felt compelled to share.

Wedding planning:

DIY Striped Table Runner - Charleston Crafted

I started making the striped table runners for our reception! I have a lot left to make, but they are super fast and easy to make.

I discussed what I’m doing to stay busy during this “lull” in wedding planning.

Shopping for a Wedding Suit - Charleston Crafted

Sean shared his experience shopping for a suit for the wedding.

We talked about how fun it is (now that we are engaged) to pick up on tiny details at weddings!

DIY Monkey Fist Knots for Wedding Decor - Charleston Crafted

I showed you how to make mini decorative monkey ball knots – we can’t wait to use them at our reception!

Sean explained why he wants to have an unplugged wedding (ceremony)

Charleston and beyond:

North Carolina State Fair - Charleston Crafted

We went to the NC State fair!

Easy Emoji Halloween Costumes - Charleston Crafted

I shared some fun Emoji Halloween Costume ideas.

Charleston Mac Off - Charleston Crafted

We attended the Charleston Mac Off. So much macaroni, so little time.

101 in 1001: Win a Round of Trivia

We won a game of Trivia after trying for years! Sweet victory!!

Have a safe & happy Halloween!

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