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Quarterly Home Maintenance Checklist – FREE Printable PDF

Want to keep your home in the best possible condition? Here is a quarterly home maintenance checklist in a printable PDF!

Home maintenance is essential. Performing small home improvement tasks can help to prevent or prolong major damage that requires costly repairs.

However, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Today we are chatting about home maintenance tasks that you should perform quarterly, or 4 times per year. The month or time of year matters less than just staying on top of these maintenance tasks.

Keep scrolling to get a Home Maintenance Cheat Sheet in a free printable PDF!

quarterly home maintenance tasks

Quarterly Home Maintenance Tasks

Test smoke + carbon monoxide detectors

Push the button on your detectors to run their built-in test functions. Replace the batteries if needed.

Many people replace their batteries every 6 months as a preventative measure – having them all go off with the low battery beep at once is pretty unnerving.

Check fire extinguishers

It’s super important to have fire extinguishers conveniently placed throughout your home in case of fire. But, did you know that fire extinguishers don’t last forever?

Replace them if they are expired or the gauges read that they have lost pressure. Better safe than sorry!

Examine your water heater

It’s good to periodically visually check your water heater for leaks or other problems. Keeping an eye on these thing can help prevent water damage and save money on costly repairs that can be needed from a big flood!

Test garage door electric eye

Test your garage door to be sure the sensor and reverse button are working. Simply try to put the garage down with something in the way.

If you need to adjust it, consult the manual for your door opener to see the best practices for adjusting the location of the laser.

home maintenance printable binder

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Clean shower heads and faucet aerators

Shower heads and faucet aerators can get build up over time due to the minerals in water. The easiest way to clean them is to actually unscrew them from the faucet first.

Then, you can scrub them with any cleaning products. For stubborn stains, add white vinegar to a bag or bowl and set the shower head in there to soak before scrubbing again.

Check external dryer vent

Your dryer has a hose that vents outside your house. If it gets clogged up with lint, that can be a huge fire hazard. You can check your vent from outside or hire a professional to do this. Remove any excess lint.

Our laundry room is upstairs, so the vent is up high. Always use caution when using a ladder.

Test GFCI outlets

Any outlets that you have that are near water are probably GFCI outlets. This includes the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoors. They are designed to shut off if they detect water.

GFCI outlets usually have little buttons on them to reset them. This will reset any tripped outlets!

Our outdoor outlets get tripped during big storms. We actually found that one outlet cover filled up with water in big rain storms, so we added extra caulk to help prevent that from happening.

Treat your home for pests

It’s good to preventatively treat your home for pests. We have a service that comes quarterly. If you prefer to DIY it, look for pest control that matches the exact bugs that you tend to see in your yard and home for best results.

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