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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist – FREE Printable PDF

Want to keep your home in top shape? Here are the essential summer home maintenance tasks with a free printable checklist!

Home maintenance is really kind of a drag. Honestly, in the summer, the last thing that I want to do is sweat it out doing home improvement work.

So, this list is a little bit more laid back compared to the other seasons.

However, it’s still important to stay on top of wear and tear and damage to your home to prevent it from escalating into a bigger, more expensive problem.

Keep your home in tip top shape to ensure your home has a long and happy life!

Here are my best maintenance tips for the summer season!

summer home maintenance tasks

Click here to get this list in a free printable PDF!

Summer Home Maintenance Tasks

Clean your fan blades

Fan blades are one of those things that get SO GROSS and you don’t notice it and then as soon as you notice it you want to barf.

OK, dramatic. But, they can get really gross. Use a cloth to wipe their tops, bottom, and sides. Dust the actual fan motor base if you can, too.

And go ahead and switch the direction for the summer – they should be going counterclockwise in the summer to push cool air down and create a refreshing breeze!

How to clean your fridge (in 5 easy steps) via Charleston Crafted

Empty the fridge and pantry

Once or twice a year I like to completely empty the fridge and pantry. It’s a daunting task, but it feels so good to get it done!

Sort out your food and get rid of anything expired or unwanted. Sort the remaining food by type to make it more organized when you put it back.

While the food is out, wipe down all shelves. Consider putting down a liner if you need it.

Then, put all the food back in a more organized way. Here are our tips for organizing a small pantry!

Update your home security

Did you know that crime takes an uptick in the summer? In our area, it seems to be kids off of school going around wiggling car door handles at night.

Regardless, this is a great time to up your home security. Consider a camera for your front door. Be sure that your window and door locks are all in working order.

And always be sure to lock your car doors at night!

GetSafe Home Security System - Charleston Crafted

Clean your shower drains

Shower drains are another thing that get really gross over time and you don’t even notice it. If you live with anyone with long, shed-dy hair (like myself, haha) your drains can really get clogged over time.

Use a screwdriver to remove the cover and clean any clogs. For deeper clogs, use a clog remover gel like Drain-O.

Deep clean your grill

Ready to get grilling? Not so fast. If you didn’t use your grill for a while, I bet it needs a good cleaning.

Use a grill brush to clean it thoroughly. If there are removable pieces – such as a grate – wash it in the sink with a grease fighting soap.

Outdoor Grill Cart - Charleston Crafted

Clean your porch or deck

It’s deck season! Make sure it’s in tip top shape. You may need to power wash or touch up the paint or stain on your decking.

Check for rotten wood and replace any damaged pieces – they can be a big safety issue. Also be sure railings are secure and tighten if needed.

Finally, keep your blower handy so you can keep the area cleaned off all summer. A dirty deck is not appealing and will get a lot less use than a clean one!

Purge yard and pool toys

As the weather gets warmer, you will most likely be spending more time outdoors. Do yourself a favor and pull out ALL of your outdoor toys.

Get rid of anything that is broken or no longer will be used. If stuff is dirty, wash it (outdoor rugs can be power washed!). Make note of what you have and the best way to store it for your family to easily use – and put away – for the season.

Donate or recycle unwanted items

This is a great time to clean out a closet or drawer and drop off unwanted items at a donation center.

Here are our best tips on how to decide if something should be donated, recycled, or trashed.

Clean your toilet water reservoirs

I bet you clean your toilet frequently, but what about inside the tank? Take the lid off the back and peer inside.

If it is moldy or gunky, use a sponge and cleaner to give it a refresh. Don’t forget the underside of the lid, too.

How to Change a Rusted Old Mailbox - Charleston Crafted

Refresh your mailbox area

Your mailbox can get dirty over time, and it’s super easy to overlook. Take a minute to hose or wipe it off. Touch up the paint if it needs it, or tighten any loose screws.

This is also a great time to update any plants, mulch, or other landscaping around your mailbox if it is looking sad!

Also check out my summer monthly home maintenance tasks:

What other tasks are on your summer checklist for your home!?

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