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The best outdoor woodworking projects for your backyard

Want to update your backyard with DIY projects? Here are a ton of great outdoor woodworking projects to get your yard in shape!

When the weather is nice, having a beautiful – and functional – backyard is such a luxury.

We play in our yard with out small kids every single day.

But, it’s nice to also have an outdoor space to eat, lounge, or entertain.

By building out own outdoor furniture and decor, you can get the exact design and dimensions you are looking for – often for a fraction of the cost compared to buying it.

Let’s chat about outdoor woodworking projects!

29 outdoor woodworking project ideas

Functional Outdoor Woodworking Projects

If you are starting from scratch with your backyard, you are going to want to focus on functional outdoor woodworking projects such as benches, tables, and chairs.

These are the builds that are going to make your yard more usable and, yes, functional.

Consider building:

  • Adirondack chairs
  • benches
  • tables (including dining, picnic, or side tables)
screened porch after

Decorative Outdoor Woodworking Projects

Once you have your backyard functioning as you like it, it’s a great time to bring in decor and accent pieces.

Decorative outdoor woodworking projects might include:

  • planter boxes
  • birdhouses
  • trellises
Finished DIY deck rail planter on railing

Beginner Projects

Another way to break up outdoor projects is by difficulty.

If you are new to woodworking, it’s great to start with simple and straightforward outdoor woodworking projects.

Beginner projects generally need less tools, no fancy cuts or skills, and are quicker to make.

Beginner-friendly outdoor projects might include:

  • birdhouses
  • garden stools
  • simple benches
How to make a squirrel picnic table

Advanced Projects

If you have more experience and a bit more budget, you can consider tackling more complex outdoor woodworking projects.

Advanced outdoor woodworking projects might include:

  • outdoor kitchens
  • pergolas
  • gazebos
Garden Arbor Arch - Charleston Crafted

Outdoor woodworking projects

Here are some specific tutorials and woodworking plans for outdoor projects for your yard!

Outdoor woodworking projects for your yard

Want to give your yard or patio a makeover? Here are a TON of DIY outdoor woodworking project ideas!

Functional furniture

Here are some functional outdoor furniture pieces that you can build.

Outdoor decor

Here are some decorative accents that you can build for your yard!

Planters & plant stands

Planters are a bit functional and a bit decorative, so I gave them their own category!

What are you building for your yard?

Looking for something?

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