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How to Build a DIY Wooden Hammock Stand with a Pergola – FREE PDF Plans!

Want to hang a hammock in your yard but don’t have the right trees? Here’s how to build a DIY wooden hammock stand – with a pergola – the easiest way!

There is nothing better than relaxing in a hammock on a beautiful day. Our yard is perfect for a hammock – we have plenty of space and look out over a pond.

But there are no trees in the backyard to hang a hammock between. I was surprised that when I searched “DIY wooden hammock stand” online that not that many results came up with actual tutorials.

Get the printable hammock stand plans:

I used some images I found to kind of make our own design because we really wanted a permanent wooden hammock stand for our backyard to overlook the lake on a beautiful summer day.

You don’t need a pergola kit to make this awesome hammock stand. It’s way cheaper to build one from scratch.

And it pairs really well with our DIY garden arbor arch!

Check out all of our favorite ways to upgrade your backyard on a budget!

DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted

How to build a DIY hammock stand

How do you make a hammock stand? It’s easier than you might think!

Click here to get the plans to make this hammock stand in a PDF!

Tools needed:

  • Post hole digger or shovel
  • Miter saw
  • Drill
  • Long level
  • Hammer

The first thing we did was pick the location in our yard, which we chose the shady corner under the oak tree that would be great for late afternoons in the summer.

The space there was big enough that we could angle a hammock stand with posts 13 feet apart.

The basic design is below, with two 10-foot 4×4 posts in the ground, two 16-foot 2x6s running along the top and perpendicular 2x4s running across the top top.

DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted

Once we had the location, we measured out the two holes and dug two holes a foot wide and three feet deep.

We dropped in the two posts so that they were now 7 feet exposed and 3 feet in the hole.

Then we screwed one of the 16 foot boards to each of them to keep them lined up.

Finally, we screwed small boards at the bottom to act as a level brace for the posts for pouring in the concrete.

DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted

We dumped the concrete right in the hole and mixed with water using a long metal pole to stir it around.

No need for a wheelbarrow. 

We let the posts set overnight and then filled them the rest of the way with dirt in the morning.

DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted
DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted

The next step was adding the 2×6 beams across the top. These 16 footers were behemoths.

We used two, 8 inch long 3/8 inch wide bolts to attach the beams to the posts on each side.

We pre-drilled the holes through the beams and then held them up to drill through the posts.

DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted

Before securing the beams up, we cut an angle on the ends of each beam.

We chose a 45 degree angle, but didn’t start it at the top corner because that would leave too sharp of an end.

We wanted the beams to look decorative, not like spears. Funny story-

Morgan thought that they sold pergola boards with that cut already and was amazed when I did it myself…

Once the bolts were secured through the beams and the post, we added 15 perpendicular, 3 foot long 2x4s across the top with the same 45 degree angle cut out.

I attached these by drilling 5 inch deck screws straight down through the top and into the 2×6.

DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted
DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted
DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted

Almost there. Next, we used 1×2 boards perpendicular to the 2x4s to run across the very top to add more of a trellis look.

These we just used six 8-foot boards to create three rows.

DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted

Next was the easiest step, which was hanging the hooks on each post for the hammock to hang on.

Determine the height best for you, but we hung time about 5 feet off the ground.

DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted

The final step was stain.

We used Thompson’s Water Seal outdoor grade stain over all the boards to make sure they last a long time.

I lied- the final step is to relax.

DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted
DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted
DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted
DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted
DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted
DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted
DIY Wooden Hammock Stand - Charleston Crafted

Don’t want a hammock? You could also use this pergola for swings or to grow plants up. So many possibilities!

This DIY wooden hammock stand really wasn’t very hard.

It took awhile because there were a lot of steps and some waiting, but man was it worth it.

It’s in the shade under the oak tree and now we can just relax after a hard day of work.

Can’t wait for summer!

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    Tuesday 17th of September 2019

    The hardware what did you use? Ceramic coated screws, galvanized 8 inch bolts, what about the screw for the hammock. Pressure treated wood will destroy standard bolts and screws.


    Wednesday 18th of September 2019

    We used coated exterior screws to attach the lattice beams on top, galvanized bolts to attach the top, and outdoor hook eyes for the hammock rings.


    Saturday 10th of February 2018

    This is hard work. I have done it many times. I have a wood hammock for my wife. Thanks for sharing

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    Nicole Q-Schmitz

    Wednesday 5th of April 2017

    Oh my goodness, the Husband has always wanted a hammock in our yard - I think we could build this :)

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