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Minwax Vintage Blue: wood stain color review

Considering adding a blue wood stain to your wood project? Check out Minwax Vintage Blue – our full review & how it looks on 4 types of wood!

When you are planning your woodworking projects, stain color is often overlooked until the last minute.

But, wood stain can totally change the final look of a build!

Typical wood stains are light brown, dark brown, or maybe even gray.

But – what about a blue wood stain?

Let’s dive into Minwax Vintage Blue to see if it might be perfect for your next wood project!

minwax vintage blue

Minwax Vintage Blue

Minwax is a brand commonly carried at Lowes.

Vintage Blue is a mid-toned blue-gray stain color. It can lean gray – especially on warmer toned woods – and has pretty good coverage, considering how light it is.

The one thing to watch with this color is that it can go a bit purple when paired with cool toned wood grain. Just something to look out for!

Here is how Minwax Vintage Blue looked on each of four wood types!

minwax vintage blue on 4 types of wood

How does Minwax Vintage Blue stain look on oak?

blue wood stains on oak

Oak is a really beautiful wood with natural red undertones.

Oak is a hardwood that does not absorb much stain – it just touches the grain a bit.

Honestly, I love this combo. It’s a bit like a whitewash but with a touch more interest and dimension!

How does Minwax Vintage Blue stain look on pine?

blue wood stains on pine

Pine wood has natural yellow tones with some slightly darker graining.

Vintage Blue reads as pretty purple on pine. It gives nice coverage and color to this soft wood, which tends to be more absorbent than harder woods.

If you want a nice full coverage mid-toned blue, it could be a great option!

How does Minwax Vintage Blue stain look on poplar?

blue wood stains on poplar

Poplar has natural green and some purple undertones.

Poplar has little almost dashes it it’s wood grain which gives it the look of a lot of texture.

Vintage Blue absorbs nicely and pretty even on poplar.

However, it is important to consider your specific piece of wood. If it has purple undertones – which some do – it might cause this stain to look extra purple.

It just depends if you like that look or not!

How does Minwax Vintage Blue stain look on a 2×4?

blue wood stains on 2x4

2x4s are usually very light wood with darker knots and holes. Most people don’t use 2×4 for projects you would really stain, but we still tested it for you!

2x4s have grain that varies widely between white and golden yellow. I find that stain takes to this grain differently, giving it a striped look.

2x4s are fairly absorbent so the color goes on pretty true here. However, it is not dark enough to cover any of the knots or darker marks in the grain. Because of this, it’s not my favorite combo.

Any more questions about Minwax Vintage Blue?

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