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Minwax Ebony – wood stain color review

Considering adding an ebony wood stain to your wood project? Check out Minwax Ebony – our full review & how it looks on 4 types of wood!

Ebony is a beautiful, exotic type of wood that is such a dark brown it is almost black in color.

It’s also pretty pricey to work with. But, no fear, you can get the look for less with a can of Ebony wood stain.

Let’s dive into one of my favorites – Minwax Ebony stain!

minwax ebony wood stain

Minwax Ebony

Minwax is a brand commonly sold at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Minwax Ebony reads as a deep charcoal, almost black wood stain color.

It especially soaks in as darker into the wood grain of softer woods.

This is a great option when you want full coverage on your wood and something a bit more modern than brown, but softer than a true black.

Here is how Minwax Ebony looked on each of four wood types!

Minwax Ebony on 4 types of wood

How does Minwax Ebony stain look on oak?

Ebony wood stain on oak

Oak is a really beautiful wood with natural red undertones.

I normally do not like to stain oak because it is so naturally beautiful.

However, this is not a bad combination.

The hardwood of the oak is much less absorbent compared to softer whitewoods. So, the color mostly just settles in the grain.

I think that it adds a very nice depth and interest and modernizes the oak!

How does Minwax Ebony stain look on pine?

Ebony wood stain on pine

Pine wood has natural yellow tones with some slightly darker graining.

This color combination results in a nice mid-toned charcoal looking color. I really love it and think it has the perfect amount of coverage, especially if your pine has a lot of dark spots to disguise.

Definitely use a wood conditioner for an even finish.

How does Minwax Ebony stain look on poplar?

Ebony wood stain on poplar

Poplar has natural green and some purple undertones.

Poplar has little almost dashes it it’s wood grain which gives it the look of a lot of texture.

Ebony gives poplar a deep charcoal gray finish. It’s great for a modern look and I think a fantastic combo.

Just be sure to use wood conditioner to get an even finish!

How does Minwax Ebony stain look on a 2×4?

Ebony wood stain on 2x4

2x4s are usually very light wood with darker knots and holes. Most people don’t use 2×4 for projects you would really stain, but we still tested it for you!

2x4s have grain that varies widely between white and golden yellow. I find that stain takes to this grain differently, giving it a striped look.

We don’t usually stain 2x4s – it’s usually used for inner constructions or for something that doesn’t need to be stained.

But, when we do, I like full coverage. A darker color helps to disguise the dark knots and markings in the grain.

So, this is a great option!

Any more questions about Minwax Ebony?

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