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DIY Photo Christmas Ornament

These DIY Photo Christmas Ornaments make great gifts! 

When you have a baby, all the grandparents want is pictures of the baby. We are trying to come up with creative baby-themed holiday gifts this year. 

These DIY photo Christmas ornaments could be perfect for a baby’s first ornament or to celebrate any awesome photo.

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I made my ornaments with a baby photo of Luke. On the back, I added his birthdate. I think that it would be so fun to make one of these each year to watch him grow! 

These ornaments are simple and inexpensive to make. They are a great gift and would also be a great gift topper! 

You could use any type of fillable ball ornament for this project. I used some that are a bit more flat but the perfectly round ones would work, as well. 

DIY Photo Christmas Ornament

DIY Photo Christmas Ornament

What you need to make DIY Photo Christmas Ornaments:

  • Glass ball ornament
  • Photo printed on regular paper
  • Cardstock of choice
  • Glue stick 
  • Pen
  • Ribbon or hanger loop 

How to make DIY Photo Christmas Ornaments:

  1. Cut the rectangle of your photo out of it’s paper. You might need to trace your ornament to be sure that the photo will fit.  
    DIY Photo Christmas OrnamentDIY Photo Christmas Ornament
  2. Use the glue stick to glue cardstock to the back of the photo, good side out.
    DIY Photo Christmas Ornament
  3. If you want to, use a pen to write a name, date, or place on the cardstock.
  4. Curl the photo and slide it into the ornament. Use the pen (not the ink! The other end) to straighten out the photo. 
    DIY Photo Christmas Ornament
  5. Re-attach the lid. Add a ribbon or hanger. You are done!DIY Photo Christmas Ornament

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DIY Photo Christmas Ornament

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