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Citrus Christmas Felt Ornaments

It’s close to Christmas time and for most people that means a tree. I like to eschew treasured, heirloom ornaments and go themey.
After  searching thru pinterest and my favorite blogs, I felt most inspired by  the citrus tree young house love  did a few years back. I was really excited to try to crystallize the  real fruit, but then I started thinking. What if I get bugs or the cat  eats them or something weird happens? So I found a little inspiration in  other places.
I saw these felt fruit slice DIY coasters and decided I could make them  as really cute ornaments. Mostly out of laziness, I decided to glue mine  instead of stitching them. The stitching would hold up better for  coasters, but since these were just hanging on the tree, I opted just to  glue them.
Felt Ornament Pieces- Charleston Crafted
I just a large colored circle, medium white circle,  and small colored circle. I cut the smallest circle into sixths and  glued the whole sucker together. I actually traced cans from my pantry to get perfectly round circles.
Felt Citrus Ornaments- Charleston Crafted
I also painted clear glass balls to match. I got the plain glass balls  from Michaels (with a coupon!) and put a big squirt of paint inside each  one. Kind of slide it around and try to leave about 25% of the clear  showing.
Felt Citrus ORnaments - Charleston Crafted
Up also went silver tinsel, little colored bows to match my color  scheme, sour patch kids flavored candy canes, and tons of tinsel. Don’t  forget my tree topper! It’s actually a hanging decoration from Homegoods  but I tied it to the top of my tree and I just LOVE it!
Felt Citrus ORnaments- Charleston Crafted
How do you decorate your tree? Do you use a theme or go old school? Do you make ornaments?

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