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How to make toilet paper roll starburst ornaments

Want to make a simple, recycled ornament? I made these starburst ornaments for free! Here’s how to make toilet paper roll starburst ornaments!

I have been enjoying crafting up some new holiday ornaments this year. But, even simple ornaments can be pricey to make.

These ornaments are made using toilet paper roll tubes – which, if you have an easy way to collect them – are absolutely free.

starburst christmas ornament made from a toilet paper roll

They use paint, glue, and twine, all things many crafters have on hand. Add scissors and a paint brush and you are good to go!

So, these are an easy ornament that you can probably make for completely free. They are easy to make in bulk and easy enough that older kids could make them, too!

Here’s how I made these DIY starburst ornaments from toilet paper rolls!

starburst christmas ornament made from a toilet paper roll
how to make a toilet paper roll starburst christmas ornament

How to make toilet paper roll starburst ornaments

Supplies needed:

  • 1 toilet paper roll tube (1 per ornament)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Craft glue
  • String or twine for hanger

Steps to make:

STEP 1: cut the toilet paper roll in half

Cut each toilet paper roll in half to have two equal sized rings.

cutting slits into a toilet paper roll

STEP 2: cut slits

Measure 1/2 inch up from one flat side of each half-roll and mark with a pen.

Cut slits around the whole roll up to the 1/2″ mark – you should have long slits and a short 1/2″ ring with no slits at the end. Cut slits approximately 1/2″ apart.

STEP 3: shape the slits

Fold the slits out to sit horizontally. Use scissors to cut each piece to a pointed shape.

You can leave them flat for more of a floral look, but a pointed end gives them more of a star burst vibe.

cutting slits to points

STEP 4: paint

Paint as desired. Cover front back and inside. I chose to do one half silver and one half gold. You can use any color, two toned or monotone.

Let dry.

painting toilet paper rolls

STEP 5: glue

Once dry, arrange one starburst inside the other. You may need to cut small slits on the sides to accomodate this.

Apply craft glue between the rings and allow glue to dry.

gluing toilet paper roll ornaments

STEP 6: add hanger

Add a loop of string or twine to use as a hanger. You can poke this through a hole in the cardboard, apply tape, or glue it in place.

Hang on your tree, garland, or wreath and enjoy! These look great clustered and are about as free as you can get – you can’t beat that!

starburst christmas ornament made from a toilet paper roll

I think that these ornaments would make a great “filler” in any color combination on your tree. They would be great if you don’t have a ton of ornaments but want your tree to feel full, without spending a ton.

You could make a lot of these and put them throughout the tree. Then, add your favorite special ornaments to be focal points.

Anyways, I love how these turned out. It’s a great opportunity to make recycled ornaments that still look beautiful and not trash-y!

Any questions about how I made these toilet paper roll starburst ornaments?

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