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DIY bottle brush tree Christmas ornaments

Want to make an easy, whimsical ornament? Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make DIY bottle brush tree Christmas ornaments!

I love bottle brush trees for Christmas. I have used them on many mantels and wreaths and think they feel a little nostalgic, a little whimsical, and super cute for the holiday season.

This year, I decided to make some little terrarium-style ornaments featuring bottle brush Christmas trees.

These ornaments turned out super cute thanks to the actual glass terrariums. These are clear ball ornaments with a round cut out on the front. You usually see these with hanging air plants.

They are the perfect way to display anything adorable – little figurines could be cute, but of course I went with the bottle brush trees.

These ornaments are easy to make, you just need a few specialized supplies.

bottlebrush christmas tree ornaments

How to make DIY bottle brush tree Christmas ornaments


supplies to make a bottle brush tree ornament

Steps to make:

STEP 1 – design your layout

Play around with your bottle brush trees to determine a layout. If you have trees of varying heights, it usually looks best to layer the taller trees in the back.

Work in clusters of 3 or 5 trees since the eye usually gravitates towards odd numbers with something being centered.

STEP 2 – glue

Apply hot glue to the bottom of a bottle brush tree base and press into place inside the ornament terrarium.

hot glue on the bottom of a bottle brush tree

Repeat to add all trees to the ornament. Let dry.

bottle brush trees glued inside of clear glass ornament ball

STEP 3 – apply glue

Squirt glue on the bottom half of the ornament and use a brush to spread it evenly.

white glue on a glass ball ornament

STEP 4 – add glitter

Sprinkle with white glitter. Do this over a paper plate or similar to help make clean up easier.

adding glitter to an ornament ball

STEP 5 – let dry

Set the ornament on its flat face to let the glitter glue fully dry.

STEP 6 – hang

Add a ribbon or loop of twine and hang from the tree or garland. Enjoy!

bottle brush christmas tree ornament in a clear terrarium ornament ball

I also made a version without glitter and instead added a round wood slice to the base (with hot glue). This is more of a sleek, modern look!

bottle brush christmas tree ornament in a clear terrarium ornament ball

Any questions about these bottle brush ornaments?

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