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Scary outdoor halloween decorating ideas

Want to make your yard creepy for Halloween? Here are a ton of scary outdoor halloween decorating ideas!

Halloween is my very favorite holiday, and a big part of that is that it is so much fun to decorate for.

Today we want to help you to set the stage for Halloween with spine-chilling outdoor decorations!

These ideas will help you to transform your yard into a haunted haven with these creative and eerie ideas.

In this blog post, we’ll explore various scary outdoor Halloween decorating ideas to make your home the talk of the neighborhood!

scary outdoor halloween decorating ideas!

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How do I make my yard look scary for Halloween?

You can make your yard looks scary for Halloween by adding any scary elements – the more, the better. Consider clustering items to make a bigger impact, no matter the size of your yard. Consider adding:

  • graveyard
  • bloody/gory props
  • fog machine
  • creepy crawly bugs (oversized is best outdoors)
  • spooky sound effects via talking figures or an outdoor speaker
  • hanging chains
  • danger signs
Skeleton Beach Day - a funny Halloween yard display

Spooktacular Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

There are tons of ways to make your yard feel creepy for Halloween. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Haunted Graveyard

A spooky cemetery is automatically creepy. You can purchase faux gravestones or cut them out of plywood and paint them yourselves.

Take the tombstones to the next level by adding skeletons (or bone pieces), cobwebs, and creepy crawlies.

You can also use eerie lighting to enhance the atmosphere. Consider spotlighting the gravestones or skeletons so they look awesome day and night!

Finally, consider including a fog machine, particularly on Halloween night, for a super spooky feel!

faux spiderweb behind halloween pumpkins

Creepy Crawlers

A spooky spiderweb is an easy but effective way to make your porch or yard scary.

The most popular types of spiderweb are:

I definitely suggest adding at least one oversized spider and placing it prominently, possibly with a spotlight on it.

Then, add smaller spiders as filler.

Finally, consider adding a motion-activated spider with sounds for a scare factor!

pumpkins on the stairs DIY halloween porch decor

Frightening Porch Displays

Don’t skip your porch when decorating your spooky yard! I always suggest including pumpkins, lanterns, and candles for a Halloween ambiance.

A witch’s cauldron can also be a fun porch addition – add string lights inside or underneath to give to a creepy glow.

You can also add creepy curtains or gauze for an added spooky effect.

Skeleton dog chase

Eerie Cemetery Entrance

If you have a fence or a gate, consider making it super spooky! Set the spooky mood right from the gate!

You can make your fence into a spooky cemetery with prop gate or arch. Drape the fence with creepy cloth or spiderweb.

Line the path with flickering lanterns or LED candles. Add a spooky tree for extra drama!

Or, just cover your arch with an inflatable!

concrete pumpkins cover photo for google web stories

Wicked Window Decorations

Don’t skip decorating your windows! There are lots of ways to use your window decorations to spook passersby!

You can add silhouettes, window clings, or black paper. There are also projectors of ghosts and shadowy figures.

Or, swap out a nearby lightbulb for a blacklight for a chilling glow!

DIY Scary outdoor halloween decorating tutorials

Here are some specific tutorials for scary outdoor halloween decor ideas!

Scary outdoor halloween decorating ideas

Want to make your yard creepy for Halloween? Here are a ton of scary outdoor halloween decorating ideas!

What’s your favorite scary outdoor halloween decorating idea?

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