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How to put up fake spiderwebs for Halloween

Getting your home ready for spooky season? Here are my best tips on how to put up fake spiderwebs for Halloween!

I adore decorating for Halloween and a long tradition for me has been to do a big spiderweb.

I have played with a few different locations, but this year we decided to do a spiderweb wall behind the TV.

spiderweb wall

The kids LOVE it and had so much fun adding spiders and other spooky critters.

I have hung dozens of fake spiderwebs and wanted to share my best tips on how to hand them the right way!

Here are some of my favorite Halloween spider web ideas and tips to make the most of your Halloween spider decorations!

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how to hang spiderweb tips and tricks to look realistic

How to decorate with spiderwebs for Halloween

There are lots of ways to incorporate spider web decorations into your Halloween decor.

Spiderwebs make a great backdrop to go behind any spooky scene.

The spiderweb itself can be the focal point, especially if paired with giant spiders.

faux spiderweb behind halloween pumpkins

Fake spiderwebs can be hung indoors or out for any of your decorations needs.

And fake webs are a great Halloween party decoration ideas!

However you use fake cobwebs, I have some tips to help you make them look as realistic as possible.

fake ants in a fake spiderweb

Tips for hanging a Halloween spider web:

  • A little goes a long way – you can use scissors to cut the larger pack of web into smaller sections
  • Stretch, stretch, and stretch the webs some more – the thinner the web, the generally more realistic it looks. look for seams (lines) in the web and really stretch from there!
  • Hook the web to something along each corner or edge to give it a tight, pulled, realistic look
  • Don’t be afraid to twist the web and pull it back over itself
  • Triangular or angular shapes tend to look more realistic than square or rectangular shapes
stretching faux spiderweb

How to decorate fake spider webs

You can of course put plastic spiders in your spider webs, but also consider adding some of my favorites:

seam on faux spiderweb
seam on faux spiderweb

How to hang spider webs

Here are my best tips for how to hang spider webs in different situations.

How to put up fake spider webs indoors

When hanging web indoors, you can first opt to drape web over something like a tree or chandelier. Use a very small piece of webbing to do this (cut it with scissors) and it should be able to hook itself in place.

If you want to hang web on the wall or ceiling, you will need something to hook it to.

I have a few suggestions for you!

Spooky Spiderweb Halloween Mantel
spiderweb hung w clean thumb tacks

The easiest way to hang fake spiderwebs indoors:

How to hang fake spider webs outside

I actually do NOT prefer to use typical fake spiderweb outside. It gets really dirty, leafy, and nasty. I prefer to use one of these alternatives for outdoor spider decorations for Halloween:

If you do opt to use traditional faux cobwebs outside, remember to stretch it very thin and hang the edges on something – a hook, a branch, a bush – so it pulls tight and doesn’t just hang in a sad clump.

How to attach spiderweb to brick

If you want to hang a spiderweb on a brick wall as a part of your outdoor halloween decorations, I suggest attaching it to nails, outdoor command hooks, or outdoor velcro on the wall.

Any more questions about spider web Halloween decorations?!

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