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DIY range hood cover

We had to build a new range hood cover for our kitchen renovation so we made this one and wanted to share the process. Here’s how to do it!

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We’re deep into our kitchen renovation project and after all the demolition, we had to install some new elements. One of those was a new DIY range hood cover.

Honestly, I don’t really know if this is called a range hood cover or a hood vent cover, so I’m going to use those two terms interchangeably throughout this post, but they mean the same thing.

We had a pre-fabricated one in place as part of the old kitchen layout, but we wanted a more modern one that we could tie in some other elements from our kitchen into, so we decided to make our own. We also needed to replace the hood vent itself, so this was a good opportunity to make ourselves a fresh one.

It was a little intimidating trying to figure out the angles on this project at first, but we did all the hard work for you so you can enjoy and build one yourself with our woodworking plans!

DIY range hood cover - Charleston Crafted

How to make a DIY hood vent cover

We built a couple of cabinets for this kitchen renovation too, but overall we tried to use as much of the existing cabinetry as we could. Mostly just rearranging it in a better way on the back wall and making an island instead of a peninsula.

But the old hood vent cover was in a more traditional molding style that matched the cabinet doors and we wanted something more modern.

Here’s the overview of everything we did to make our own DIY range hood cover!

Range hood cover in place

Materials needed to build a range hood cover

Here’s what you need to build this DIY range hood cover:

Step one: make cuts and drill pocket holes

We started by making all the cuts and drilling all the pocket holes up front. I find it to be a lot easier to do all this up front and sand everything down first before starting building.

To cut down this plywood, I used my Kreg Adaptive Cutting System saw and track. This made it really easy to rip everything down, especially when I got to the angled cut on the sides. I lined up the cut and went diagonal across the board- don’t know how to do that with a table saw!

For our pocket holes, we used our Kreg 720 Pro pocket hole jig. This is my favorite pocket hole jig, especially for working with medium sized boards since it has the wide base to support the boards.

I’ve got all the pocket hole placements in my DIY range hood cover woodworking plans you can get here!

Read our review of the Kreg 720 Pro here!

Wide pictures of Kreg 720 Pro

Step two: assemble back frame

I started off by assembling the back frame of the hood vent cover. This included attaching the two side pieces to the spacers on the front of the cover.

Assembling side panels

Step three: attach front casing

Next, I built a simple three sided rectangle that is the size of the range hood I bought. This will wrap around the outside of it and hold the two sides of the hood cover together.

Then I attached the front casing to the two side pieces I made in step two.

Attaching front panel to range hood

Step four: attach hood cover

Next I built up the hood cover itself. As I mentioned, I cut two angled boards with my Kreg ACS that I attached to the front hood wrap and the sides.

After those were attached, I cut a piece of 1/4″ plywood the size of the angled area and nailed that into place with 1″ nails.

I also added strips of 1/4″ plywood around the outside edges as molding that matches what I’m going to do around our island.

Step five: paint or stain

Next you can paint or stain your hood vent cover to match your aesthetic. We opted to paint ours with Behr Dark Everglade paint. This is the paint we used in our guest bedroom that we liked so much!

It’s smart to use cohesive colors in a few areas of your home so it looks intentional. We’re going to paint the island this color too and it matches the panel covers we installed on our Samsung Bespoke fridge.

Painting DIY range hood cover

Step six: hang in place

Finally, we hung it in place. We screwed it in through the cabinets on the sides of it, but will also add more support when we get in the upper upper cabinets.

DIY wood hood vent

This DIY range hood cover looks SO GOOD in place! It’s going to look even better when we actually finish the kitchen and paint the rest of the cabinets a coordinating color!

DIY range hood cover - Charleston Crafted

DIY range hood cover woodworking plans

Want to build your own hood vent cover? We’ve got woodworking plans!

Thanks to our friends at Kreg Tool for making the plans for this DIY range hood cover free to you! Our plans include a full material list, cut list and step-by-step instructions to help you make this.

You may have to make some modifications depending on the size of your range hood area or the specific shape of it, but you can adjust easily.

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DIY range hood cover - Charleston Crafted

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