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Is a Bespoke Fridge worth it? Our Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Review

Shopping for a new fridge? Here is our complete and honest Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Review! Check out the fridge in our kitchen and our thoughts on the value!

When planning to re-do our kitchen, one way that we are really saving money is by re-using appliances. They get so expensive!

The one appliance that we decided to replace was our fridge.

Our previous fridge had a leak in the back – there are big rust stains back there from the water drip. We decided to move it to the garage as a second fridge (with no water hook up, so no leak!) and replace it with a new fridge for our kitchen.

At first, I was dead set on a panel-ready fridge. You know, the refrigerators that you can completely disguise behind a wooden panel so it looks like a giant cabinet. So chic!

Also, so so expensive. Like, 3x the cost of a typical fridge. While I have been known to splash out on occasion, that just wasn’t happening for this kitchen makeover.

Walking down the fridge aisle at Home Depot, I found the next best thing – a fridge that comes in different colors!

Yes, the Samsung Bespoke fridge is a fun option when you want a refrigerator that has a bit of a stylish look to it. Let’s take a look at this fridge and how we are liking it – for real!

Samsung bespoke fridge review

What is a Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator?

The Samsung Bespoke Fridge is a line of refrigerators by Samsung with changeable panels on the front so you can customize the color and material.

They offer a standard version, one with a beverage center, and one with a smart screen on the front.

Pay very close attention to the words BEVERAGE CENTER. In my opinion, this is essential. Don’t get the one that only has the autofill pitcher – it’s just not as convenient and very little price difference compared to the Beverage Center that also includes the water dispenser in the half-open fridge door.

You also have the option of counter depth vs standard depth. Pay attention to this as well – if you are used to a counter depth (more shallow) fridge, a standard depth one will stick out into your space and look weird. But, if you are used to a standard depth, a counter depth can feel much smaller on the inside.

Finally, they have a 4 door version, a 2 door 2 drawer option, and a 2 door 1 drawer option.

We went with the Samsung Bespoke Fridge with beverage center, 2 door 2 drawer, standard depth.

We ordered the fridge in the white glass and then swapped it out for the green stainless steel.

Each of these options will slightly alter the final price. Be very careful with your selections as it’s easy to get confused!

Design and Customization

The best part (to me) of the Bespoke Fridge is that you can swap out the panels. They come in both glass and stainless steel options and a wide variety of colors.

We opted for a deep green color, to coordinate with the other green accents in our kitchen and home.

The panels are an additional cost, so plan around $100 per panel if you want to change the color.

I also love the overall sleek look of the front without handles or a water dispenser. It’s not as hidden as a panel-ready fridge, but it is definitely an upgrade from our prior situation.

I will also warn you that the stainless steel shows a lot of smudges and fingerprints. We had the white glass for a couple of days and it was much, much better at disguising mess compared to the dark steel.

Functionality and Performance

We are very happy with our fridge. Here are some of the things that we love the most:

  • Large open area inside for plenty of storage
  • Cubed and small ice with scoop in freezer area
  • Beverage center with pitcher and water dispenser

Smart Features and Connectivity

There is a variety of the Bespoke Fridge with a screen on the front, wi-fi connectivity, and various apps. This was SUPER unappealing to us – I stare at screens all day long, I do not want one on the fridge.

It is available if you want it, but we cannot comment because we ran far away from that option.

Additionally, you can connect your Samsung Fridge to the SmartThings app (the same app used for the Samsung Frame TV!) There you can monitor power usage and know if the door is left open. I have no use for this, but it is an option.

Installation and Maintenance

We ordered our fridge from Costco, and I am so glad that we did. First of all, they were having a small sale, so we ended up getting a discount.

But, also the best thing about Costco’s that they always take care of you.

The first fridge that we ordered was actually damaged during installation. They put a big dent in the front.

When we called Costco, they were very, very apologetic and actually offered us really fair compensation and to trade out the fridge.

Initially, we ordered the fridge without the second door that serves as the beverage center. Since they were sending a new fridge anyway, we decided to change to the Bespoke fridge with the beverage center. This was clutch, and I highly highly recommend you choose the beverage center option for your Bespoke Fridge.

That gives you the pitcher and the water dispenser inside a sort of half-depth door on the left and it was only about $100 more.

Our delivery experience was not super great, but Costco took care of us and sent out a new one a week later that was perfect and delivered much better.

The professionals took care of all the installation and all we had to do was peel off the plastic and run two loads of ice and two pitchers of water through and dump them.

How do we like our Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator?

We are very happy with our Samsung Bespoke refrigerator. I’m especially thrilled with the dark green stainless steel color. It’s the perfect accent for a kitchen and such a fun unexpected touch.

In addition to pure aesthetics, we love that there is no ice maker inside the fridge itself – which gives a significant amount more space for food.

Finally, I am obsessed with the beverage center. The pitcher really comes in handy and I love having the water dispenser inside the door so the outside looks more sleek. Plus you can grab handy things in that door, like sauce containers, without completely opening the fridge.

Is the Samsung Bespoke Fridge worth it?

The Samsung bespoke fridge is absolutely worth the cost if you plan to take advantage of the unique colored panels. It’s really the only option out there for a colored or multi-color fridge.

We’ve been impressed with the functionality of the fridge as well and have zero issues with it.

I find the price very fair for what it is, and think that it’s a great deal!

We are really happy with our purchase and are so excited for how the Samsung fridge will look in our kitchen as we renovate it!

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