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Our 2023 Halloween Decor Tour

Happy Halloween! This post will give you a roundup of our Halloween decor projects from this year and get you in the spooky spirit!

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays to decorate for. I think this is because you can get away with being super silly and doing things that would be truly bizarre the rest of the year.

Anyways, we always go all out on outdoor Halloween decorations. Our neighborhood is super festive, with tons of families who get super into decorating. It has become one of the highlights of the year for us!

Let’s dive in and take a peek at our halloween decor this year!

PVC skeleton with halloween decor at night

Outdoor Halloween Decor

Here are some of the elements that we included in our Halloween front yard decor!

front yard halloween decor with giant skeleton and tons of pumpkins

Giant Skeleton walking the dogs

The most noticeable addition to our Halloween decor this year is the 12′ giant skeleton.

Sean actually bought this on impulse when he was at Home Depot and they had 2 in stock (these seem to sell out within a few hours of being stocked, and he had never seen them in store before).

skeletons posed in the yard

We then re-framed our plan and decided to have the giant skeleton walking the little skeleton dogs.

I cut rope and tied it on to make the leashes.

giant skeleton walking skeleton dogs

Other skeletons

We decided to pose the other skeletons around the yard with fake cell phones Sean cut out of plywood posed as if they are all taking videos of the giant skeleton.

skeletons posed in the yard

It’s a bit of a commentary on cell phone culture and also just… what would probably happen if a giant came walking down the street with a dozen dogs on leashes.

posed skeleton with baby skeleton on his shoulders

Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to pose skeletons in your yard!

Light up pumpkins

Another highlight of our yard is the light up pumpkins. We have pumpkins up our stairs, light up pumpkin topiaries, and pumpkin garlands framing each of our porches.

I love the spooky orange glow these have. And yes, everyone wants to know where we store all these pumpkins – they fill up basically an entire one of these hanging racks!

PVC Pumpkin man

Another fun addition this year was the PVC pumpkin man. He got a bit overshadowed by the 12′ skeleton, but he is very spooky reaching down from our upper porch!

PVC skeleton on porch

Check out the tutorial for how to make a PVC skeleton, too!

Wooden pumpkins and ghosts

We made two different Halloween decorations out of wood this year, one being ghosts and the other being pumpkins!

We made these wooden jack-o-lanterns to sit by our front door. These will also be glowing next to our candy bowl on Halloween night!

Wooden jack-o-lanterns

We also cut out some wooden ghosts that we stuck in the bushes! These were a simple project with scrap wood that look really spooky day and night!

DIY wooden ghosts in bushes


We have a few Halloween inflatables, too. They are so convenient to store!

inflatable pumpkin stacks

They include:

Sean rigged the pumpkin man up on the little overhang outside our bedroom. The tie downs tie around our shutters and come in the window. After a few tries, he got it super secure up there, but it’s scary working out the window three stories up!

halloween inflatables

Indoor Halloween Decor

We decided to keep our indoor Halloween decorations a little bit simpler this year.

Honestly, I am feeling overwhelmed with junk and stuff everywhere. Our kids are at this age where they just strew toys all around the house and I feel like I’m always crunching on some thing and clearing off a surface.

The idea of covering the surfaces of our home with more clutter just gave me the heebie-jeebies.

I did do some pumpkin decor on the shelves in our dining area, but otherwise, the only indoor decorating we did was our mantle.

pumpkin fall decor on dining shelves

Carnivorous plant Halloween mantel

I had so much fun making the crafts to decorate our Halloween mantle this year. Since I have been obsessed with house plants lately, I decided to go with a spooky plant theme.

carnivorous plant halloween mantel display

Everything that you see here was a craft, and I made them all in the margins of my day in about two weeks.

You can see the tutorials to make each item here:

carnivorous plant mantel halloween

I accented it with a few accessories we had from past years – skulls, a small crow, a few spiders. Spooky!

However, you celebrate, we hope that you have a wonderful Halloween!

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