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33 best wooden Christmas decorations to make this weekend

Want to build your Christmas decorations this year? Here are a ton of ideas for wooden Christmas decorations!

It’s no secret that we love homemade Christmas decorations. Making your own decor is a great way to save money, get exactly what you want, and flex your creativity while you’re at it!

Today we want to talk about wooden Christmas decorations and share some of our favorite DIY ideas with you.

Whether you want to build a Christmas tree stand, a stocking holder, or tabletop decor, we have ideas for adding a festive touch to every room in your home!

wooden christmas decorations

Best DIY wooden Christmas decorations

Want to make a woodworking Christmas decoration? Here are a ton of ideas to inspire you!

wooden christmas decorations

DIY Wooden Christmas decorations

Want to build your own wooden Christmas decorations? Here are a ton of tutorials to try this holiday season!

Other DIY Christmas tree shaped decor ideas

Don’t miss some of our other tree-shaped DIY Christmas decor ideas to keep you busy this holiday season!

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