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DIY Boho Christmas Wall Hanging

Want to create a Boho-style wall hanging for your Christmas decor? Here is a step by step guide to how I made this rope and wood Christmas tree wall hanging!

Traditional style Christmas decor is always tried and true, but I love decorating for the trends each holiday, too.

Ususally trends that are popular in year-round home decor are also popular that Christmas season.

The last many years, Farmhouse style decor has been popular and with it was a lot of rustic and farmhouse style Christmas decor.

There is going to still be plenty of rustic Christmas decor, but another trend has emerged: boho or bohemian style.

One of the big elements of many boho style homes are rope and wood wall hangings.

I love how this trend looks and decided that I would try to make a inspired bohemian wall hanging Christmas tree.

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DIY rope & wood boho style Christmas wall hanging

I made this wall mounted Christmas tree for Luke’s playroom. It’s a great way to get a Christmas tree feeling in a small space where you don’t have room for a tree.

I used wooden beads as ornaments, but you could also paint them or use colored beads for a more colorful “Christmas ornament” look.

This could also be fun with Christmas lights! Incorporate a small battery powered strand onto the dowel or hang larger lights alongside the yarn.

Check out how to hang your Christmas lights on the wall to look like a tree too!

How to make a DIY Boho-Style Christmas Tree Rope Wall Hanging

What you need:

What you do:

Cut dowel to desired length. I chose 2.5 feet long.

Drill a hole 1 inch in from each side on the dowel. The hole should be sized so your rope fits through but a knot will not fit through.

Sand the end and where you drilled.

Stain or paint the dowel as desired.

Wrap your yarn around something the length that you want the hanging strings to be. I used a 4 foot board. Repeat until each skein is finished.

wrapping yarn for a wall hanging

Use scissors to cut all strands on one end of the fold.

Fold each loop under the dowel and pull the ends of the rope up and over the dowel. Repeat for all strands.

Place the hanging on a tarp or drop cloth.

yarn & dowel wall hanging

Use painter’s tape to tape off a Christmas tree shape. Press firmly.

taped off wall hanging

Mix RIT dye with warm water and use a foam brush to apply.

dying rope wall hanging

The dye will lighten significantly when dry. You can do multiple coats for a darker finish, or use less watered down dye.

Hang to dry.

Green and white yarn boho wall hanging DIY

Once dry, you can add wooden beads to the strands, tying a knot under each one.

wooden beads on a yarn wall hanging

Hang and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas yarn and wood wall hanging

What type of yarn should I use for a wall hanging?

You can use any type of yarn for a wall hanging. I suggest not using too thin of a yarn or it will take a LOT of strands to get a full effect.

What type of dye should I use to dye yarn?

I prefer to use RIT fabric dye to dye yarn and fabric.

Pay attention to the material you are dying. If it is a synthetic material, such as acrylic, you will want dye for synthetic materials.

DIY Christmas tree boho style wall hanging

How do you finish wooden beads?

You can use wooden beads as is or paint or stain them. I prefer to finish my wood beads with Walrus Oil (or any wood board oil).

Be sure to check out this tutorial for how we made wood burned beads!

DIY rope & wood boho style Christmas wall hanging
Yield: 1 wall hanging

How to make a boho style Christmas tree wall hanging

Active Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10-50

Want to add a bit of boho style to your Christmas decor this year? Here is how to make this easy DIY boho wall hanging Christmas tree.


  • 1/2" wooden dowel
  • 3 skeins white yarn
  • Wood stain
  • Painter's tape
  • Green RIT dye
  • Wooden beads


  • Scissors
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Sander
  • Foam paint brush


  1. Use saw to cut dowel to desired length - mine is 2.5 feet long
  2. Drill a hole 1 inch in from each side for yarn to go through. Should be big enough for yarn but small enough that knotted yarn will not pass through.
  3. Sand the dowel.
  4. Stain the dowel as desired and let dry.
  5. Wrap your yarn around something your desired length. I used a 4 foot board. Wrap over and over until the yarn is done.
  6. Use scissors to cut one side of the yarn off the board.
  7. Fold each loop under the dowel and bring the end up over the dowel and through the loop. Pull tight. Repeat for all yarn.
  8. Add a piece of yarn through the holes for hanging. Tie to secure.
  9. Place on a tarp and use painters tape to tape off a Christmas tree shape.
  10. Mix RIT dye with warm water. Use a foam brush to apply inside the tape. Allow to dry. Repeat if needed for a darker color.
  11. String on wooden beads, tying a small knot under each to hold in place.
  12. Hang and enjoy!

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How are you decorating this holiday season? Are you into Boho Christmas decor?

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Wednesday 18th of November 2020

Do you not rinse out the dye?

Karla Email

Saturday 21st of November 2020

@Sean, thank you.


Wednesday 18th of November 2020

I did not. It dried much lighter than it looked dark. If you chose to soak the yarn instead of just painting it, you would want to rinse it. I have not experiences any dye transfer, but I also haven't done much hand-handling of the dyed strands.

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