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What art comes with the frame tv?

Wondering what art comes with the Frame TV? Here’s the exact art that comes for free, pre-loaded on this Samsung Frame TV!

The Frame TV is a super popular TV because it looks like a piece of art hanging on the wall.

A big part of that is choosing the art that you want it to display.

Art has a huge impact on the feel of your room – especially an art piece as large as a TV screen!

I was personally a bit disappointed when I realized how expensive it was to buy art for our frame TV.

But, it is true that the TV does come with a small selection of free art. Let’s dive into that selection today!


Does the Samsung frame TV come with art?

The Frame TV comes pre-loaded with a collection of artwork that is free to choose from. You also have the option to subscribe to the Samsung art collection or upload your own artwork.

How many pictures does the frame TV come with?

The Frame TV comes pre-loaded with ten pieces of artwork. You then have the option to add different mats to each piece of art, giving it a slightly different look.

different mats on the frame tv
different mats on the frame tv

What art comes with the frame tv?

The Frame TV comes with:

  • Claude Monet Water Lilies
  • Wolf Adermeit Vortex
  • Paul Cezanne Mont Sainte-Victoire with Large Pine
  • Cody Cobb Cathedral Peak
  • Aya Okawa Coastal Analucia
  • Anuar Patjane Aleph
  • Scott Ramsay Imfolozi Giraffe
  • Nacho Alegre Blue Patio
  • Edgar Degas Ballet Rehersal on Stage
  • Claude Monet Garden at Sainte-Adresse

Any more questions about the art that comes with the Frame TV?

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