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33 Genius DIY Planter Ideas

Looking for some great DIY planter ideas? Here are my favorite tutorials that you can use for inspiration to get your garden in shape!

I love having tons of plants inside and out of my home. However, I don’t like them sitting around in boring pots. And beautiful, interesting pots can really add up and get expensive.

If you just want to store small plants, there are a few simple ideas:

  • Mason jars
  • Tea tins
  • Stacked terra cotta pots
  • Painted flower pots
  • Small kid’s chair with a pot on top

If you have an old pot that you want to jazz up, get creative with DIY! You can consider:

  • Spray painting it!
  • Cover it with air dry clay to add texture
  • Macrame-ing it to create a hanging basket planter

Planters can be displayed:

  • On your front porch
  • In a garden
  • Along the side of a patio
  • Running up the stairs
  • On either side of a garage or front door

As you can imagine, we have crafted a lot of DIY planters for our home! Today I am excited to round up my favorite planter ideas for you. 

I hope that these DIY projects and step by step guides will inspire you to get building!

Planter Ideas

Planters are a great way to take a plant from just a plant to an interesting art piece. Here are my favorite DIY planter ideas that we have shared in the past!

Any easy DIY planter ideas that I missed?

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