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The best Frame TV stands

Looking for the perfect stand for your Frame TV? Here are some of the best Frame TV stands to choose from!

The Samsung frame TV is a beautiful television designed to look like a piece of framed art that hangs on your wall. This is a super popular TV to choose if you really care about the aesthetics of your space.

The frame TV is designed to be mounted on the wall – here is everything you need to know about wall mounts for a frame TV – and used to display artwork.

But, some people are used to using a TV stand to hold their TV.

So, today I wanted to dive into everything that you need to know about TV stands for a Samsung frame TV.

Don’t miss our tutorial on how to add your own art to the Frame TV!

free spring art for the frame tv

Do I need a stand for a Frame TV?

The beauty of a Frame TV is that it looks like beautiful piece of framed artwork. Typically, this look is achieved by mounting the TV directly on the wall and displaying images of artwork on it.

So, putting it on a stand is not the natural go-to way to display it.

But, sometimes you do need a TV stand. For example, if you want your TV in a spot where there is no wall to mount it on – you will need a stand for it.

Or, if you cannot put big holes in the wall – for example, if you are a renter – you might want to purchase a TV stand instead of mounting it.

If you just want the feel of a TV stand, I suggest that you choose a media console in the aesthetic of you space and mount the Frame TV above it.

Samsung Frame TV Review - Charleston Crafted

Does the Frame TV come with legs/feet?

Yes, the Frame TV come straight out of the box with screw-on feet. So, if you don’t plan to wall mount it, you can easily set it on top of a console or media table and be good to go.

But, if you have to place it on a stand, there are some options that are better than others.

stands for a frame tv

The best Frame TV stands

Here are my favorite stands to pair with a Samsung Frame TV!

Samsung Studio Stand

There should be no surprise that Samsung has an official stand that they market alongside the frame TV.

This is a really unique TV stand with a tripod style base. It’s very modern and sleek.

I can see this working well especially in a show room or a large business area that you want to divide into smaller zones, but don’t have walls to mount the TVs onto.

I could also work well in a very modern chic home.

Personally, I have kids and pets, and I can only imagine this getting knocked over within three minutes of installing it.

ProMounts Modern TV Floor Stand with Tripod Base

This is another, but cheaper tripod style modern TV stand. I actually really like the wood style and chic lines of this one.

However, it still has the same issue of being a bit delicate.

I will say that this TV stand has really good reviews and is very popular.

FITUEYES Design Corner TV Stand

This is another option for Frame TV stand that is designed to work in the corner of a room, where it can be hard to wall-mount a TV.

What I love about this TV stand is that it’s a bit bulkier and feels more stable – but is still lightweight and modern.

It has great reviews and often has a clickable coupon on Amazon – so be sure to double check!

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