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14 Best Nugget Comfort Alternatives for any budget

Looking for alternatives to the Nugget Comfort kid’s couch? Here are some of your best options!

Nugget Comfort couches are an extremely popular kid’s toy couch.

So popular, in fact, that they are nearly impossible to get.

Since the start of quarantine and many people being stuck at home, demand for Nuggets has skyrocketed.

While I bought our first Nugget in October of 2018 and it arrived at my house 3 days later, that’s no longer the case.

Nugget has recently opened a new factory and will hopefully be catching up to demand soon.

For now, the next Nugget release is a raffle for the opportunity to even be able to purchase one.

It’s totally wild, and, understandably, many people are looking for alternatives for their kids this year.

Here are the best Nugget alternatives – that you can actually buy.

What makes a good Nugget alternative?

What makes a good alternative will really depend on your planned use.

If you want the closest dupe as possible, look into the Blocksy.

Otherwise, what do you want to use it for?

I am sharing a wide variety of options.

Some are more like sofas or loveseats for kids.

Others are more for climbing.

And others are just for playing.

Think about how you use it before you purchase such a large item for your home!

Nugget Comfort Alternatives

You can read our full review of the Nugget here!

The best Nugget alternatives:

Let’s take a look at each of these Nugget alternatives!

Looking for more of an exact Nugget replica? Check out the best Nugget knock offs!

The Foamnasium Blocksy

The Blocksy is an extremely popular alternative to the Nugget.

It has a similar concept in that it is modular pieces that create a kids couch or can be used to create forts and imaginative play.

The Blocksy is made of a more slick material that gets mixed reviews.

Many people love that it wipes clean, but some people don’t like how the cushions feel or that you can’t remove the covers to wash them.

You can buy Blocksy on Amazon. It’s been sold out a lot lately, though not as much as the Nugget, so you still have to plan in advance if you want to buy one!

You can read my full blog post comparing the Nugget and the Foamnasium Blocksy here!

Air Fort

Air fort is a REALLY cool alternative to a Nugget or a kid’s tent.

It is an inflatable play tent and it is VERY affordable at a fraction of the price of the Nugget.

It’s not for climbing, but if you are looking for a fun play space for your kids, this is it!

And, when it is not inflated, it’s super easy to fold up and store.

You can buy an Air Fort on Amazon!

Pikler Triangle

If you want your kids to be able to climb, then consider getting a Pikler instead!

There are many benefits that a Pikler triangle offers your kids including and especially gross motor skill development.

Plus, many Pikler triangles fold flat to be stored, making them better for smaller spaces compared to a Nugget.

Want to DIY a Pikler triangle or climbing arch?

We have tutorials for how to make them!

Here is a Pikler Triangle you can buy on Amazon.

Pottery Barn Teen Lounger

Pottery Barn offers a wide variety of kid and teen sofas and chairs that could be good alternatives to the Nugget.

They aren’t great for building forts, but if you are looking for playroom furniture, they could be a good option.

I love that they are all plush and low to the ground, making them inviting for kids of all ages.

Lucid Folding Sofa

This is another tri-fold foam piece that is great for play.

Since it’s designed as a playmat, it has a zipper removable cover, making it easy to clean.

It is great for stretching out on the floor and could be a great hang out space if you watch a lot of movies.

It’s obviously not got pieces like the Nugget has, so it’s not for building forts, at least not on it’s own.

Crash Pad

If your kids like to jump off things, consider getting a crash pad.

These are basically giant pillows designed to catch you when you crash.

They are great options if you have climbing structures or if your kids just like to play rough.

Here’s a popular crash pad on Amazon.

Here is a great crash pad at Target!

Millard Sensory Pad

This is a great Nugget alternative!

It is a giant pad filled with foam cubes. It’s cozy for lounging on and perfect for jumping onto, as well.

It’s designed for kids who need extra sensory help but is great for anyone.

I love that it has a removable cover for easy washing.

Foam Blocks

These stacking foam blocks are great for kids who want to do some jumbo building!

It’s not great for lounging on, but if you just want something for building with, this is a great option!

Get these foam blocks on Amazon.

Giant Bean Bag

We put a giant memory foam bean bag in our son’s room when we moved his rocker out for the new baby.

These are great for cozying up and reading on (we can fit two adults plus a toddler) and they are great for jumping, climbing, and being silly, too!

Shop memory foam bean bags on Amazon.

Corduroy’s Bean Bag Bed

Similar to a regular bean bag are these Corduroy bean bags.

They are special because they unzip to create a flat “bed” and then zip back up to make a beanbag round shape!

Pretty cool for lounging and playing, but not so much for building forts.

Shop Corduroys on Amazon!

Trifold Memory Foam Topper

If you want a smaller, folding foam rectangle, a trifold memory foam topper might work for you!

These are great for lounging on while watching movies or for sleepovers.

You can buy these trifold foam pieces on Amazon.

Foam Ball Pit

A ball pit isn’t the same as a Nugget – at all – but they are super fun for kids!

These foam pits give a similar Nuggety vibe and come in several sizes depending on your space.

Warning: they can’t be folded up or put away, so you will need a dedicated ball pit area!

Shop this foam ball pit on Amazon.

Jaxx Zipline Kids Modular Loveseat

If you want a kid’s couch, this is a great option.

It has two added cushions that can be used as ottomans or stacked on the couch for more of a cubular effect.

It’s a lot smaller than aNugget, but that could be a plus if you have a smaller space.

Mack and Milo Modular Kids sofa

This kids sofa has foam pillows that are modular.

It has a lot less set up options and room for imaginative play compared to the Nugget.

However, if you want it as a kid’s sofa, it’s a good option.

Plus, it’s cheaper than a Nugget.

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