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Retired Nugget Comfort colors

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If you are interested in seeing some of the retired Nugget comfort couch colors, look no further! I have gathered them up for you to enjoy.

Obsessed with Nugget kid’s couches? Aren’t we all!

This couch is more than just a couch – and more than a kid’s toy. It’s a beautiful, high quality piece that everyone in your home can enjoy.

Nuggets come in many colors. Part of the allure is collecting multiple colored covers!

However, periodically, Nugget retires colors. This means that they are no longer available for sale from Nugget directly and you will need to buy them secondhand.

These aren’t easy to find, but they are fun to admire!

Can you name these retired nugget comfort colors

Retired Nugget Comfort colors

Alice & Ames Mabel Floral

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Summer is flying by, but it’s never too late to stop and smell the flowers. So how about a special edition, floral print Nugget (and Cover Set, and Pillow Pack)?? Our new collaboration with Alice & Ames has been a project we have been working on for quite some time to perfect, and we’re so glad we can finally share it with you! Alice & Ames was established in 2015 by Stacie Lang, a mother of three daughters who dreamed of designing clothing that both she and her kids would love. That dream became a reality as she considered comfort, focused on playful and classic details, and embraced a beautiful color palette in creating her clothing line. Stacie’s husband, Geoff, joined her as her small business boomed and developed a massive following.  Stacie and Geoff have been longtime supporters of Nugget and business owners we really look up to. Stacie was barely pregnant with little Mabel when we first started working on this cheerful floral print with a high contrast white background for a Nugget — so of course we had to name it after her!  It's been a difficult and unpredictable year for many small business owners, but the Alice & Ames team has reminded us to give ourselves grace and stay positive. Flowers make everything better, right? An interview with Stacie and Geoff is up on the blog now, and the Mabel Nugget will release at 12 Noon Eastern tomorrow! Matching Alice and Ames products can be found on their website tomorrow as well.

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This was a one-time release special edition. It had a white background with colorful floral print all over it!


Beanstalk was a deep emerald green.


Taxicab is a dark, bright yellow color. Yellow-er than mustard. The color of a Cheezit.


Lagoon is my favorite – I have 2! It’s a dusty teal shade.


Stardust was a very light lavender color.


A rich, deep pink color. Not at all Pepto Bismol – darker and less bright.


Peachtree was a beautiful peach color. In some light it reads pink, some more orange. Owners describe it as a “true peach”. Pairs very well with Rosebud!


Confetti was a one time release with a black background and colorful rainbow polka dots!


Neptune is an almost royal blue color.


Sand castle was a dark tan color – almost a dark khaki.


Piglet was a pale pink shade.


Rust was a collaboration with June & January and very limited release. It’s a deep orange color.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee was a dark yellow color, less bright than Lemon or Taxi Cab.


Broadway was a deep, bright red color.


Starfish was a darker coral color – a bit more pink than orange.


Cactus was a medium-dark minty green color.


Rumpus was a limited edition printed cover with muted colored abstract shapes.


Bermuda was a limited edition printed cover, mint with white triangles on it.


Majesty is a purple color – it’s not a royal purple, but has a bit of pink in it – almost the color of Barney the dinosaur.


Cantaloupe was a dark peachy color that is much more orange than pink.


Skydive was a beautiful blue color – not pastel at all, but more of a medium-darkness shade of blue.


Lemon was a bright, almost neon yellow color. They have white zippers.


Chocolate was an original, Kickstarter color. They also have white zippers.


Grape was a super bright fuschia purple color, also with a white zipper.


Res was an another original Kickstarter color, also with a white zipper. It was brighter and less deep than Broadway.


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This is your captain speaking. ✈️

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Lime is – like it sounds – a bright lime green. It was an original Kickstarter color with a white zipper.


This was a solid black color with a white zipper.

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What’s your favorite retired color?

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