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Tips for successfully shopping a Nugget restock

Want to buy a Nugget comfort kid’s couch? It’s not that simple! You have to wait for a restock and shop super quickly as they sell out in minutes. Here are the best tips and screenshots to help to prepare you for the sale!

We love our Nugget couch so much (read my Nugget review!) but I bought it before they went viral and became impossible to procure.

Back when I got it (in October of 2019!) I spent weeks hemming and hawing, thinking about colors, with it sitting in my cart. I finally hit BUY right before Luke’s birthday and it arrived in three days.

Why does Nugget do Re-Stock Presales?

But, soon after that, someone shared the Nugget couch – was it a Kardashian? Oprah? I do not know. But they all sold out.

The factory cannot keep up with demand. So they have changed their sales model. I think they need to go on Shark Tank and get some help getting a bigger factory, but until then, this is how it works.

Nugget will announce the date and time of a re-stock sale. Some feature all the colors, some are just certain colors. They will also announce if they have Nuggets, covers, or pillow sets in the sale.

Note: this is not a “sale” like discounted price. This is a sale like they put out 1,000 (or however many) Nuggets for sale at the full price and this is your chance to get them.

There are no discount sales. The only way to get a discount on a Nugget is to buy more than one for a $25 discount.

How do I know when there will be a Nugget restock?

They announce it and market the restocks heavily. Your best bet is to sign up for their email list. You can also follow them on Instagram or Facebook. I recommend the (unofficial) Nugget chatter Facebook group, too!

tips to shop the nugget kids couch restock sale

How does a restock work?

Nugget releases a limited number of Nuggets at the time and date announced.

If you seriously want one, you need to be there on their site the minute they go on sale. It sounds intense because it is. In this past release, when I bought our second Nugget, they were fully sold out after 8 minutes.

However, I was able to purchase a Nugget AND go back through the process as if I was going to buy a second one to take screenshots of each step for you before they sold out. If you are prepared, it is easy!

How to prepare for a Nugget restock sale

First, make an account on the Nugget site. Go in the day before the sale (or any time) and create an account. Add your address, confirm your email, and save!

Then, save your credit card on your computer as an auto-fill. Some people might be anti this, so do it the morning of the sale and then delete it.

Do not plan to use Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Paypal (paypal isn’t even a choice currently). Lots of people lost out on a Nugget in the last sale because these programs took too long to load.

Nugget accounts will not save payment methods. The time it takes to enter your credit card is long enough for them to sell out.

Also, when you go to shop, have your credit card in your hand in case you need to confirm an expiration date or code.

Pull up the Nugget site on the item you want to purchase and go ahead and select the color you want.

What to expect when shopping the Nugget Restock sale (screenshots!)

This sale started at 12:00. I got online around 11:55 and made sure I was logged in, pulled up the Nugget and selected Lagoon color.

Nugget comfort restock sale

I refreshed right at 12:00 but it still said unavailable. I found it was actually 12:00 and 30 seconds when it went live (lol I told you this is INTENSE).

Nugget comfort restock sale

When the sale went live, the product page button changed from COMING SOON to ADD TO CART. (the night before the sale, it said SOLD OUT).

This was the first time I had seen the check boxes – you had to confirm that you know it will take eons to ship and that you have to pay now. Hit add to cart.

Nugget comfort restock sale

When you hit ADD TO CART it will pop up on the right hand side (this is on desktop – I’m not sure how it looks on a phone exactly). You can change the quantity or add another color – just be quick!


Nugget comfort restock sale  wait in line

You will then be placed in a virtual line. This is where I have heard people get kicked to a sold out page.

Like I said, I was able to go through this process twice in a row in less than five minutes, so I am guessing they were late or slow.

Sorry if that’s harsh, but you gotta be quick!

Your address and info will be auto populated if you have an account. Just enter your credit card (or click and select your saved info if you prepared!) Confirm your purchase and you should get a thank you page and email.

What if I miss out?

That really sucks! I understand being disappointed. You need to be faster next time. Prepare fully and try again.

Be sure to check out my full step by step guide and video on how to wash a Nugget cover!

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Debbie Ellwood

Tuesday 18th of August 2020

I had a question about the Nugget process? you mentioned going online before drop, logging in and pulling up nugget and color - are you able to do this when it says "coming soon"?? I waited until it said "add to cart"? maybe thats where I went wrong - have tried twice & both times get nugget in my cart only to have it change to sold out after entering credit card info ugh!


Tuesday 18th of August 2020

You can click the color and it will say coming soon. I just had it ready so when I refreshed I was already clicking my color! I am sorry, that is so frustrating. Hopefully they open up more inventory soon!


Friday 14th of August 2020

Thanks for the post. I scored Atlantis today with your tips.

I used Chrome my computer with no other pages or apps open so it wouldn’t be slowed down & deleted all my other saved payments to make sure only one auto populated. I also had my CC number copied in case it didn’t auto fill.

The launch went live at about 30 seconds til noon & I checked out right away. Address & credit card auto filled, I didn’t have to type anything. Took a couple minutes for the line & a few more minutes to calculate shipping. Got my confirmation email at 12:05 &, based on the order numbers people have posted on Facebook, seems like I’m in the first 2000 orders & should ship in just a few days. Thanks again! Good luck to everyone on the next restock.


Monday 17th of August 2020

You go girl! Those are some great additional tips. I'm jealous you snagged Atlantis. I have two Lagoon and think that Atlantis would go great with them, but I'm hitting the pause button on buying more Nuggets for now.


Tuesday 7th of July 2020

These are great tips but I’m not sure they are accurate for everyone. I’ve tried the last two times and haven’t secured one. I refresh just like you have said and never get passed confirming address. It’s then sold out. That is within 3 minutes so I’m not sure how you were able to do it twice. I’m hoping to get one soon.


Tuesday 7th of July 2020

Of course these steps won't guarantee you a Nugget, but they are essential to being successful. I would suggest that you look into a location with a faster Wifi connection if you are setting up an account, acting quickly, using auto-fill for your payment method (and not apple pay or anything like that) and still having trouble. Good luck!

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