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Kitchen Organization: Cleaning up Under the Sink

As part of Kitchen Organization week, I really wanted to clean out under the sink. It was starting to look like a jungle of bottles down there, and even getting out dish washer detergent was becoming a hassle. When you can’t find the dish detergent, you don’t wash your dishes. When you don’t wash your dishes you get cheap take out. When you get cheap take out, you get food poisoning. Don’t get food poisoning- clean under your sink!

Here’s how it started out. Messy and disorganized is the name of the game:


I promptly emptied it out & analyzed what we needed. We needed a way to corral small items and make it easier to reach certain requently used cleaning products. Here it is empty.


So, we headed to walmart. I grabbed a set of 5 mini drawers & a lazy susan. I also hung up a plastic bag holder that I already had but wasn’t using.

Look at me now!




As you can see, we didn’t do anything fancy, just stick everything in in a more organized way. I’m really hoping that it will last!

Have you organized under your sink? Please share!

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