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Should I buy an xTool P2?

Considering the xTool P2 laser cutter? This is a big purchase for a big, quality piece of equipment. Learn more about whether it’s worth buying in my xTool P2 review!

I just got a brand new xTool P2 laser cutter! Should you??

This is my first foray into the world of CNC and laser cutting machines. I’ve only ever done woodwork with power tools and by hand, but the precision world of laser cutting has always intrigued me.

The xTool P2 is a very big and powerful laser cutting machine and I’ve been very impressed with it so far. I think there are a lot more capabilities that I will continue to discover as I use it more and more.

For now, let me give you a little information on the xTool P2 and share with you what I’ve seen and learned to help you make the decision on whether you should invest in one or not! Here’s my full xTool P2 review!

Disclaimer- I was sent the xTool P2 55W laser cutter in exchange for me writing a review. However, this review is my honest opinion on what I have learned as a beginner in this space. Opinions are 100% my own as you will see.

xTool P2 review - Charleston Crafted

xTool P2 honest review

Before I dive into the specifics, let me give you my overall honest review of the xTool P2.

The xTool P2 is a physically massive machine that offers tremendous laser cutting capabilities and would be an excellent option for someone who has the budget and space for it.

I think it is a really cool machine with tons of great things it can do. For some reason, I was shocked at how accurate and precise this tool can be.

That might sound dumb, but for instance I used a scrap of wood I had already cut out most of and put it back in to get another thing cut. There was very little room for error but I lined up my design with the wood in the machine using their cameras and it cut exactly perfect. I was shook.

But it is also huge. They call it a “desktop” laser cutter, but I had to clear off and dedicate an entire workbench to be my new laser cutting station in my workshop. I’m not sure how people have space for this inside their home.

I think the xTool P2 is a really good laser cutter to own if you have the need for it and I’m enjoying using it. Now let’s get into some of the specifics.

xtool p2 and smoke purifier

What is the xTool P2 55W laser cutter?

The xTool P2 is a 55W CO2 laser cutter that has multiple high definition cameras and multiple slides that allow for almost endless possibilities for cutting and engraving with a laser. It works with a ton of different materials (see below for more) and can do all sorts of things.

I’m not a laser cutter expert, so listing off all of the features would be the same as me reading them from their website, so I’d encourage you to get those facts straight from them.

But from a user perspective, the xTool P2 is a big laser cutting machine that has a lot of capabilities ranging from engraving and cutting small tags or ornaments to cutting out full scale wooden buildable crafts or signs. It can be expanded using a variety of accessories (like its riser base, automatic conveyor belt, rotary attachment and smoke purifier) to increase what it can do.

I’ve found that it’s an easy to use machine out of the box that has cut everything I’ve asked it to cut with really good precision.

Cameras in xTool P2

Is it hard to set up the xTool P2?

It’s not hard to set up the xTool P2, but it does take some time. If you only order the P2 itself, then you’ll have one box and the machine is fully assembled, but you actually have to DISassemble parts of it to get it ready to go because they have parts locked down for transport.

The P2 Riser Base took some time to set up, but the instructions were easy to follow and the tools were included. The hardest thing to set up about the xTool P2 is physically lifting it up onto your work surface. You’ll need a friend.

xTool P2 Riser Base

One thing I had an issue with when setting up is that the emergency stop button was pushed in on mine and I didn’t understand why the machine wouldn’t work. The instructions didn’t say anything about that but it told me to “turn it on” so I flipped the power switch and did the rest of the setup. I didn’t realize until way after I was trying to do the computer side of things that the machine wasn’t actually on.

It took me a long time trying to run through all these diagnostic things on the computer to figure out what was wrong and none of them worked. That’s because the emergency button was depressed and I never saw anything about that. So if your brand new xTool P2 arrives and doesn’t light up and turn on, check to see if the emergency stop button is pressed.

xTool P2 start button

How big is the xTool P2?

The xTool P2 is very large. Its official measurements are 39.4″ wide, 25.1″ deep and 10.6″ tall and weighs almost 100 pounds. If you add the riser base to it, you basically double the height.

xTool P2 setup on workbench

With that size, it gives you a huge work area for cutting. The inside cutting area is 23.6″ x 12″ which is a big space for cutting individual pieces or a big batch of smaller items, like ornaments, tags, etc. But the P2 with the riser base lets you use the conveyor attachment, giving you the ability to cut and engrave material more than 10 feet long!

Inside xTool P2

Who is the xTool P2 good for?

The xTool P2 is great for people who do a lot of laser work. Even without having previously owned a smaller laser machine than this, I can say that if you have a business (or hope to) where you’re selling a lot of laser cut or engraved goods, the P2 will make things easier on you.

The xTool P2 has almost all the capabilities of the smaller xTool models and a bigger work area. So, this unit gives you more range.

It’s also good for woodworkers who need a faster or more accurate way to add precision features to their woodworking projects. If you make signs and have previously used a jig saw or scroll saw to cut out intricate designs to add to your pieces, the xTool P2 can probably do a better job and do it a lot faster.

Output game from xTool P2

What can you make with the xTool P2?

You can make all kinds of things with the xTool P2! So far, I’ve tried making a tic-tac-toe board, an engraved name sign and some little plaques for my kids. I’ve found that 3mm basswood has worked easiest for me, while 1/2″ thick plywood took a long time to cut and kind of charred the edges.

But as you can imagine when you start searching for something, you start getting lots of ads about them on social media! I’ve seen people engraving mugs, cutting boards, ornaments and more. I’ve seen people cutting signs, coasters, planters and even lamp shades with the P2.

If you’re interested in getting started with something pre-created for you, they have a whole library in the xTool Creative Space of templates that you can just download and send to your machine. The library is great for searching for whatever you want before you start coming up with your own designs.

Crown cutout on xTool p2

The xTool P2 can cut and engrave with:

  • wood
  • acryllic
  • cardboard
  • fabric
  • paper
  • leather
  • plastic
  • mdf
  • many more

It can also engrave a longer list of materials that it can’t cut.

Engraved signs with xTool P2

What do you need to go with the xTool P2?

Technically, you don’t have to have any accessories to go with the xTool P2. However, here’s the ones I have and what they are used for

  • Riser Base– the riser base adds to the vertical height of the P2, but it gives you the capability of using other accessories. With the riser base, you can remove the slats on the inside of the P2 and then have a taller working area for other accessories.
  • Automatic Conveyor Feeder– this accessory fits in with the Riser Base and allows you to program super long cuts that are perfect for woodworking and big signs. The Conveyor Feeder moves the piece of wood through machine, giving you a huge work area.
  • RA-2 Rotary Tool– the rotary attachment connects into the P2 to allow you to engrave curved surfaces. This is great for working with mugs or music boxes or anything with a rounded edge.
  • Smoke Purifier– honestly, this one seems like the most important accessory to the P2 to me. The xTool P2 creates a lot of smoke (especially with thicker wood) and without the Smoke Purifier, it just pumps the smoke out into your room or space. The Smoke Purifier filters all that smoke and blows out air that doesn’t at all resemble smoke, in my opinion.
Smoke inside xTool P2 during cut

What is the xTool Creative Space?

xTool Creative Space is the online library and creation software used by xTool for creating projects to print on your laser cutter.

Honestly, Creative Space has been the most difficult thing to learn for me in this whole process. I think it’s very easy to just download an existing file and print it. But creating an original design on your own involves a learning curve.

I’ve used a lot of other programs and this one doesn’t have as many clear features available and they weren’t as easy to figure out. Plus, there’s nothing about it in the materials that come with the P2. But like most things, I think through trial and error, you can figure out how to create designs.

xTool Creative Space

Is an xTool P2 worth it?

So the moment of truth- is an xTool P2 laser cutter worth it? Truthfully, the answer depends.

The xTool P2 is a large piece of equipment that takes up a lot of space and has a hefty price tag. Add in the accessories and you need more room and more money. However, you’re getting a really quality machine value.

If you are interested in starting out with doing laser cutting and design, you might want to start out with a smaller, less expensive model. But, if you are familiar with laser design and are looking to do more of it or increase your capabilities, I think the xTool P2 is worth it for you.

As with any purchase, you have to understand your own expectations and budget and make a choice for your needs. Don’t ever over-extend yourself to buy a fancy tool, but if it’s something that can help you or your business, you’re getting a quality laser cutter for your money.

xTool P2 review - Charleston Crafted

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