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7 Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re crafty like us, you’re probably interested in making something for mom like you did back when you were a kid (remember finger paintings?). It’s easy to want to make something, but what if you can’t think of any gift ideas for Mothers Day? We’ve put together 7 of our favorite handmade gift ideas for Mothers Day that you can make and wow mom.

7 Handmade Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

7 Handmade Gift Ideas for Mothers Day - Charleston Crafted

  1. Tassel earrings– make your mom some cute dangly tassel earrings in her favorite color (you better know her favorite color) that she can wear when feeling festive. These are super simple to make and you can make a bunch for all the moms in your life.
    A Simple Homemade Gift Idea: DIY Tassel Earrings - Charleston Crafted
  2. Wooden tray– mom’s love to have trays for serving things and just as display trays all over their houses. Make her a custom faux inlay tray with knob handles or one with rope and metal rustic features.
    Faux Inlay Wooden Tray - Charleston CraftedHow to make a wooden bar tray - Charleston Crafted
  3. Wooden box– a beautiful wooden storage box for mom to hold her jewelry or make up will light her up. Choose a really nice wood with a pretty grain for this one and she’ll be beaming.
    Wooden Makeup Box - Charleston Crafted
  4. Braided pearl bracelet– moms always love jewelry. Weave her a braided pearl bracelet that she’ll love to wear and proudly tell all her friends who made it for her.
    Bridesmaids Bracelets - Charleston Crafted
  5. Clay pet statuesmolding clay into the shape of your mom’s pet (or your pet if she only has fur-grandbabies) is easier than you think and they are so cute to set on a shelf. It doesn’t get more custom handmade than that.
    DIY Animal Figurine Polymer Clay Cake Topper - Charleston Crafted
  6. Sea shell frame– collect some shells from the beach or use some from your last family vacation with mom and hot glue them to a plain wooden frame for a sea shell frame. Add a picture of the family at the beach for a great year-round summer reminder.
  7. Cactus pot– cacti are super easy to keep alive, so even a brown thumb can handle these. Make a custom pot or dipped wooden bowl and plant a cactus or two that she can enjoy.

There are tons of gift ideas for Mothers Day out there, but nothing is more special than one that is handmade. The extra sentimentally and thought that goes into a handmade gift will ensure that she likes your present better than she likes your sibling’s present…

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