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Free Pallets Nearby: Where to Get Free Wood Pallets Easily

Unlock the secrets to sourcing free pallets for your creative DIY and home improvement projects. A must-read guide for upcycling enthusiasts!

In the realm of DIY projects, there’s a rising star: pallet wood. 

These wood pallets are becoming the go-to for home improvement enthusiasts and small businesses alike. 

Why? They offer a rustic charm that’s hard to replicate. And the best part? You can often find these pallets for free!

So get ready for your next pallet recycling project and read this guide.

where to get free pallets

Where to Get Free Pallets

The Side of the Road

This seems dumb, but honestly, it’s the best place to find free wooden pallets. You probably don’t even realize it, but you see pallets lying around all the time, and you don’t even notice them. 

If you start to look for them, you will see them in people’s yards. Perhaps leaning up against a dumpster or outside a building – lots of places where people just chuck them. 

There are even two pallets leaning up against the dumpster at my office right now!

Construction Sites

Pallets are used to deliver large quantities of small items in one bundle. Where is a place that gets a lot of those types of shipments? 

Construction sites. Again – they’ll be on the side of the road or in the dumpster, but this is a great central hub to start looking. 

You’ll also find tons of plywood or shorter 2x4s because workers throw out pretty much anything that’s not whole.


When considering where to get free pallets, don’t overlook retail giants like Costco. This store is a hub for shipments and, consequently, wood pallets. 

You’ll often find free wood pallets outside their warehouses, typically in great condition. 

There’s a chance to find high-quality pallet wood for your next pallet project.

A cover image with a photo of a wooden pallet. Text reads: "where to find FREE PALLETS".

Friends that Own a Business

Got friends who own a small business? They can be an excellent resource for free wooden pallets.

Many small businesses receive regular shipments on pallets. Ask them to save the next free pallet that comes their way. 

Whether it’s a local store or a contact you made through Facebook Marketplace, these connections can be invaluable for sourcing free pallets.

Our Wood Pallet Projects

We’ve done some awesome projects with pallet wood, like the old shop table for our condo and a hanging planter for our condo porch.

A photo of out vertical herb garden. It's made using pallet wood.
Our porch hanging planter
A photo of a work station build out of pallet wood.
A little shop table on our porch

We also use older pallets that aren’t in great shape for firewood. They burn really well and are easy to cut up with a reciprocating saw.

Another big thing people are using pallet wood for now is to make wood accent walls on their homes. 

This is a really cool look, especially with different shades of the wood, 

There are lots of pallets out there, so be selective because you don’t want to use bad wood.

What are some of your favorite pallet projects?

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