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Upcycled Countertop Side Table

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know we love to upcycle materials whenever we can. Today we’re sharing with you an upcycled countertop side table we made using an extra bit of slab from our kitchen counters!

When they fabricated our counters, we asked them to bring all the scraps with them when they installed.

We didn’t know what we were going to do with them yet, but when you’re paying $70 a square foot, you don’t want to throw anything away!

Upcycled Countertop Side Table

We’ve used some of the scraps when we were building our tropical oasis by using long thin strips to create the border for the area and a Superman shaped wedge to make a side table.

We still had one other piece left and it was the biggest chunk. This piece came from our sink hole and we are so glad we kept it.

Upcycled Countertop Side Table - Charleston Crafted

The countertop slab had sharp, rough edges, so we started by using a chisel to knock off any jagged pieces that could easily be removed.

Then, we simply used our random orbital sander along all the sides, corners, and top and bottom edges to smooth it out.

We weren’t sure if this would work, but since the counters were made from a sort of resin, it smoothed them right out!

Upcycled Countertop Side Table - Charleston Crafted

We ordered hairpin legs on Amazon and attached them to the bottom of the slab using clear Gorilla Glue.

We placed them equidistant from each other and as close to evenly spaced from the edges as we could.

Upcycled Countertop Side Table - Charleston Crafted

Since the edges were 100% equal, we just got as close as we could. We clamped down the legs with the Gorilla Glue for 24 hours.

Upcycled Countertop Side Table - Charleston Crafted

We were so pleased with how this turned out!

Upcycled Countertop Side Table - Charleston Crafted

This was a super simple upcycle project to use our last large chunk of counter. This side table sits on our new patio which is right off the kitchen, helping tie the indoor and outdoor spaces together.

What was your last upcycle?

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