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DIY Outdoor furniture

Want to add DIY outdoor furniture to your yard or patio? Here are a ton of build ideas, and everything you need to know about staining, painting, and protecting your furniture when used outside!

Is there anything better than sitting outdoors on a beautiful day, drinking your beverage of choice and enjoying the company of friends? Or, maybe reading alone in a cozy outdoor seat in the shade?

Either way, an outdoor space is not complete without some furniture to enjoy it on.

Of course, you can simply buy a pre-made furniture set and be done with it.

But, at Charleston Crafted, you know that’s not our style!

We love to build our own furniture, or in the very least, refinish something to make it feel new and interesting.

how to build paint stain and protect outdoor furniture (1)

Whether you are a woodworker or just a budding DIYer, it’s important to take some time to plan the furniture you will put outside.

You want it to be beautiful and functional, of course. But, you also want it to be durable. This means picking the right materials and finishing them appropriately so that they will last.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about making and finishing outdoor furniture!

DIY Outdoor Furniture

Building from scratch and refinishing existing furniture are both great ways to get custom outdoor furniture on a budget.

Outdoor Furniture Build Plans + Tutorials

Want to build your own outdoor furniture? That’s our favorite way to do it. Luckily, we have lots of tutorials and woodworking projects to inspire you.

Outdoor furniture build plans:

screened porch after
cedar table and sectional

How to paint and stain outdoor furniture

Whether you build your furniture from scratch or have something old to refinish, it’s important to get the right supplies and follow the correct steps when refinishing it for outdoor use.

Here are our top guides:

The best way to paint metal patio furniture
The best way to paint metal patio furniture

How to Protect Outdoor Furniture

One of the most important considerations for outdoor furniture is how you will protect it from the elements. Otherwise, it will get destroyed by rain and sun.

Here are our top tips:

How to protect outdoor furniture

Shopping for outdoor furniture?

If you don’t have the time or the patience to build your own furniture at the moment, take a look at some of our favorite shopable finds!

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