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7 DIY Christmas Tree Collar Ideas

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Christmas tree collars are a super trendy Christmas tree skirt alternative. They have a bit of a more sleek, modern look. They hide the base of your Christmas tree and are surprisingly easy to DIY!

DIY Silver Bucket Tree Collar from a Galvanized Steel Tub - Charleston Crafted

What is a tree collar?

A Christmas tree collar is like a choker for your tree. They cover the base of your tree without any excess.

They tend to look more sleek and modern than a tree skirt.

I made a metal tree collar for our faux tree two years ago and absolutely love it.

I think it looks much more sleek and modern than a tree skirt. Plus, it takes up less room on the floor.

Tree collars are a great option if you want to cover the base or stand of your Christmas tree and want something more solid than a piece of fabric.

Can you use a tree collar with a real tree?

Yes, of course! While tree collars were originally designed to hide the base of artificial trees, they can also work with real trees. Just be sure that your tree’s stand will fit inside the collar and you are good to go!

You will also want to be sure that you are able to water your Christmas tree through the collar. It should be open on the top and you can use a watering can.

Tree Collar vs. Box Tree Stand

If you are used to putting your Christmas tree on a box stand, then you are already halfway to a tree collar.

The difference is that the Christmas tree base goes INSIDE the tree collar instead of ON TOP of a box stand.

One benefit of a box stand is that they add height to your tree. See how we use a DIY box stand to make our Christmas tree look taller.

A tree collar does not add height to your tree, but it does cover the base and gives it a sleek look.

7 DIY ideas for how to make a DIY Christmas tree collar

DIY Christmas Tree Collar Ideas

There are tons of different options for Christmas tree collars. The most common materials are:

  • Galvanized metal (like a galvanized bucket)
  • Woven (like a wicker basket)
  • Wooden
  • Fabric (like burlap)

How to make a Christmas tree collar

To make a DIY tree collar, you basically need something big enough for your Christmas tree base to fit inside. This could be a a basket, bucket, bin, or anything.

You will need a hole or opening for the tree to fit in through. It needs to wrap around the base of the stand. Usually, this will involve cutting the bottom off of you basket or bucket.

You can get really creative and design a Christmas tree collar to match any style of holiday or home decor.

There really are no limits to the possibilities!

Here are some of my favorite Christmas tree collar DIY ideas:

DIY Christmas Tree Collar Ideas

Love the modern look of a Christmas tree collar instead of a tree skirt? You will love these ideas for DIY Christmas tree collars!

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Where to buy a tree collar

Don’t want to DIY? Here are some of my favorite tree collars on Amazon:

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What’s your favorite Christmas tree collar?

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