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5 DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas

Want to make your own tree skirt this year? Here are a ton of DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas!

Christmas tree skirts are essential for covering your Christmas tree stand and giving your tree a clean, finished look.

But, they can be pricey, or it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for.

DIY to the rescue!

What is a tree skirt?

A tree skirt is typically fabric wrapped around the base of the Christmas tree. The purpose is to cover the tree stand and give your tree a more finished look.

Do you need a Christmas tree skirt?

A tree will physically stand up without a skirt, but it tends to look less complete without a tree skirt. Have no fear- you can use something you already have on hand as a DIY tree skirt!

What can I use instead of a Christmas tree skirt?

Instead of a tree skirt consider using:

See all of my easy DIY tree collar ideas here!

DIY Silver Bucket Tree Collar from a Galvanized Steel Tub - Charleston Crafted

Can I use a tablecloth as a tree skirt?

Yes, tablecloths are perfect for tree skirts. You can cut them with a hole and slit or, if they are big enough, just wrap them under the tree without cutting! I suggest binder clips to hold it together in the back, on the underside so they aren’t visible

A DIY Coastal Christmas Tree - Charleston Crafted
This tree has a faux fur blanket wrapped around as a tree skirt

How do you use a blanket as a tree skirt?

You can use a blanket as a tree skirt without cutting it!

  1. Hold the blanket up with the longest flat edge facing up
  2. Wrap that flat edge around the top of the tree stand, so the edges overlap in the back
  3. I have used big binder clips to hold it together in the back (on the underside so it’s hidden). Any type of clip will work
  4. Carefully arrange the blanket around the base, being sure the whole stand is covered
  5. Tuck any corners or hard edges underneath themselves and fold your fabric to give the skirt a more rounded shape

Note: be sure to position your blanket so that you can still water the base of the tree if it’s a live tree!

How do you make a simple Christmas tree skirt?

The easiest way to make a simple tree skirt is to sew one from fabric. You will sew basically a donut shape with a slit on one side.

If you are looking for a no-sew tree skirt option, use a tablecloth, blanket, or sheet for a done-in-one-minute look!

2015 Christmas Tree - Charleston Crafted
Simple tree skirt that I sewed from fabric left over from our wedding table runners

How much fabric do I need for a Christmas tree skirt?

The amount of fabric that you need to make a tree skirt depends on the size of your tree and if you want it single or double sided. Plan to use between 2 and 4 yards of fabric on your tree skirt.

How do you make an inexpensive tree skirt?

The easiest way to make an inexpensive tree skirt is to use a blanket, sheet, tablecloth, or piece of fabric. You will just get down on the ground and adjust it to completely cover your tree stand. Fold excess underneath to give it a rounded off shape!

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt ideas

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas

DIY Christmas tree skirt ideas

Here are a ton of DIY Christmas tree skirts that you can make!

What’s your favorite thing to use as a Christmas tree skirt?

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