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The Kitchen Table Revamp

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I knew my new apartment had a kitchen/dining area, but its not that big- the area is open but about 10 x 6 feet. A glass top wouldn’t look as bulky in the small space. So, it was just fate when I went home to North Carolina in August and saw this baby in our back yard:
Its been sitting in our backyard accumulating dirt for about ten years. My Granny covered the seats in outdoor fabric in the 70s…. and they were a little worn.
So, with the help of my daddy, I washed up the seats and table and got them ready for a fresh coat of paint.
Under the cushions, the chairs were really really rusty. I attacked them with steel wool for hours and hours. I thought my fingers were going to fall off. My dad ended up using an electric sander on the tough spots.
You can see the spots we had to really sand good because they were silver underneath the paint.
Then came the exciting part… paint! I argued with my dad for a while over the colors. He told me to stay dark and natural- he was in favor of a textured black. I really wanted gold. Shiny gold. He refused to help me paint them gold. So, after pouring over the paint aisle at Ace Hardware we settled on…..
I think its the perfect amount of fun and color without being odd or over the top. Plus, the navy really doesn’t show scratches as much as a light color would AND it matched the matte of a big picture I have hanging near it.
Next was time to cover the chair cushions! My dad cut plywood to fit the seats. I took an old foam mattress pad and cut it to fit the plywood.
I used spray adhesive to attach the foam to the plywood. Heavy books held them together while the glue dried.
I chose a bright fabric that makes me SO HAPPY!
I’m so happy with how they turned out! They are so perfect for me and my life right now and I can’t thank my daddy enough for all his help! Best of all, all I spent money on is the fabric and the spray paint! Pretty Awesome 🙂


Have you transformed any furniture lately? Had any adventures with spray paint?

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