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Easy Heart Photo Wall

You might remember that in my old apartment I had a heart shaped gallery wall in my dining room. It was really a focal point of the room & people always commented on & admired it. So, I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate a heart photo wall into my new condo– I thought about over a bed’s headboard but in the end decided to recreate the look in my new dining area.

My condo is all open so you can see it from the kitchen & the living room, too!

Easy Heart Photo Wall

In order to prep the gallery wall, I first laid out the photo design on the floor. I used pictures of my previous design as a template.

You can see that it is essentially arranged in 7 columns of photos. The center column is 6 photos high.

In total to make this arrangement, I used 15 landscape/horizontal photos and 21 portrait/vertical photos. 36 photos total.

Heart Frame Gallery Wall - Charleston Crafted

Heart photo frame gallery wall


Then, I started hanging. I started with the top center of the heart.

First, I placed the top frame center in the wall & about level with the top of the doorway next to it. Then I worked my way down. I used a tape measure to measure 2 inches between all frames.



You could use nails but I actually decided to hang these frames with small command hooks so that I didn’t have to put holes in the wall.



The command hooks fit perfectly in the frame holes, so I stuck the hook in the hole & then pressed the whole thing against the wall where I wanted it. Press and hold the command strip hook in place long enough for it to stick. If you have heavier frames, you might need to remove them from the hooks to give the hooks time to dry.


I worked my way down columns & went back & forth from side to side, so I did the 1st column on the left & then the column on the right.


It’s not hard, it just takes a while because you have to step back and make sure that things are even frequently. I encourage you to be patient. You do not want it to turn out crooked or lopsided.

In the end, it turned out awesome! I love the look of this heart photo wall and love how easy it was to make a big impact without having to get any large frames or photos printed. I also love how easy it is to swap out photos if I get a new picture that I love!


Do you have a gallery wall in your home?


Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Hi i am trying to make a heart shaped photo wall like you did but with canvases and smaller than yours maybe with 15 to 20 pictures with varying sizes big to small. Please let me know how i can arrange the template and with different sizes of 10x10,8x8,5x7,8x10,4x6, 12x16,12x12. I need ideas how to form a heart. Since you already did it would have more ideas and templates. Please share your thoughts.


Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Hey Rathna - the best thing to do is lay them out on the floor until you get the look you like. I think it looks best to have it be symmetrical from left to right. Good luck!

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