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Best spray paints for outdoor furniture

Want to paint your patio furniture? Here are the best spray paints for outdoor furniture!

Outdoor furniture can be super pricey. So, if you want to refresh or change the look of yours, it totally makes economical sense to paint it and not replace it.

I am a strong advocate for refinishing furniture, and outdoor furniture is no different.

If you want to paint your patio furniture – how about spray painting?

Spray paint is cheap and easy to use, and comes in tons of colors and several finishes. Spray paint can be shockingly durable – even durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements!

Spray paint can make an overwhelming project like re-finishing your patio furniture super doable.

Best spray paints for outdoor furniture

Why use spray paint for outdoor furniture?

There are a few benefits to using spray paint.

Ease of use

Spray paint is very user friendly. You don’t need special tools or equipment (though a comfort grip is a nice-to-have).

This makes it a doable project, even if you aren’t super DIY-y.

Good price

Spray paint is relatively inexpensive, especially if you only need a small amount.

Now, if you need to do a huge area – like a whole fence – it will be more economical to buy large cans of paint. But, for smaller project, usually 1-2 cans of spray paint is a cheaper option.

Effective coverage

Spray paint makes it easy to get even, full coverage. A lot of outdoor furniture has intricate details, which can be hard to brush. You can easily get in there with spray paint!

Quick drying time

Spray paint dries quickly and easily. That’s just another reason that it’s so easy to work with!

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Spray Paint for Outdoor Furniture

There are a few factors that will effect which specific spray paint is ideal for your project.

Furniture type

Consider the furniture that you plan to paint – what material is it? Different spray paints are designed for wood, metal, or plastic.

Some paints do not stick well to all surfaces, so it is super important to review your can of paint and double check that it is compatible.


Of course, choose a paint that comes in the color you are looking for. If you want black, this will be easy. If you want a specific color, you might have to do a bit of shopping.

ColorShot has always been my pick for bright, fun colored spray paint. But, recently, the Behr line at Home Depot has released some really nice, stylish colors as well.

You have plenty of options, but if you want a specific color, it will likely be your #1 limiting factor when choosing a paint.

The best way to paint metal patio furniture
The best way to paint metal patio furniture


In addition to color, spray paints also come in different finishes. This could be matte, semi-gloss, or glossy.

The finish really has a big impact on how paint colors look on your furniture, so pay attention!

I find that glossier paints show more imperfection. Any bump, ding, or scratch will catch the light and be more obvious. Because of this, I prefer a matte or flat finish.

But, there are definitely cases when you want a shiny look. Use your best judgement!


It’s super important to choose paint that can withstand the conditions where it will be kept. Make sure that any paint you choose clearly says OUTDOORS on the can.

This used to be a bigger factor, but it seems like most spray paint is labeled as INDOOR & OUTDOOR lately. Just make sure that it is before buying it!

The best way to paint metal patio furniture

Do I need to use a primer when spray painting outdoor furniture?

I think that for the best results, you should always use a spray primer before spray painting your outdoor furniture. This is because outdoor furniture will be exposed to tons of moisture and UV rays. It will break down, chip, and fade over time. Applying a good primer will help it last as long as possible.

Listen – I normally do not use a separate primer. I am all about the paint + primer in one. But, when it comes to outdoor stuff – I do it right.

My favorite outdoor spray paints are:

Rustoleum Paint + Primer in one Gloss White

Top Spray Paints for Outdoor Furniture

Here are the best spray paints to use for outdoor furniture!

spray paints for outdoors

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover Spray Paint

Rustoleum has, in my opinion, the most durable outdoor spray paint. They are specifically formulated to avoid rust and water damage. They are super high quality!

My beef with rustoleum is that it can be a little pricey and the color selection isn’t always great.

But, if you want a basic color, this is my go-to grab.

spray paints for outdoors

Krylon COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Krylon spray paint is another great alternative brand. It’s similar in selections to Rustoleum, though I find Krylon to have a bigger stock at Lowes.

Krylon has a lot of great options, and I really love their ColorMaxx line. It gives great coverage and is perfect for outdoor furniture!

COLORSHOT Premium Multi-Surface Gloss Spray Paint

Colorshot is my pick for bright colored spray paint. It’s great for smaller accents that you want to be a pop on your patio!

The worst part of Colorshot is that it can be hard to find in stores. It’s very available online, and I’ve seen it at Michaels and Walmart, but in limited color selection.

The cans also seem to be slightly smaller than some others. When in doubt, pick up an extra can – you can always return it (most places!)

ColorShot Silver Lining

Behr Interior/Exterior Spray Paint

I love Behr spray paint because it comes in tons of colors, has 2 finishes per color (glossy or matte) and is usually the cheapest option at Home Depot.

I think that this paint gets great coverage and did I mention that it comes in great colors? It’s an indoor/outdoor blend, so I just suggest using a primer first to make it as durable as possible!

behr spray paint

Application tips for best results

Want to get the perfect spray paint finish?

Surface preparation

Do NOT skip out on the prep work. It’s super important to prep the surface so that the paint has a solid base to sit on. This means:

  • cleaning the surface well – you can wipe with a damp cloth or wash with a pressure washer
  • sand any loose material – don’t paint over peeling paint!
  • wipe clean – don’t paint over dust or debris, either!

Application techniques

Spray paint is easy but you can also easily get drips. Hold the can about 12″ away from the furniture and keep it moving in a continuous line. It’s much much better to do several thin coats than one thick, drippy one.

Drying time

It’s also important to let your project fully dry and cure before handling it. Dry time and cure time are different.

Dry time is when it is dry to the touch. Cure time means it’s fully dry and hard, all the way through.

While you can lightly handle it when dry, you might still ding or scratch the paint. It’s best to let it fully cure before using!

Maintenance and Care

As with any outdoor furniture, the better you maintain it, the longer the finish will last. Whenever possible, cover or store indoors. If you can place it under an umbrella or awning, that will really extend the life of the paint job.

Clean off leaves and other debris and don’t let them sit on the furniture. Use a blower to clean everything off regularly to help to avoid damage or staining!

If you get chips or faded areas, you can touch them up with spray paint. Just know that if the whole surface is faded, you might need to repaint the whole thing to get a color match.

Spray painting your furniture is a great way to give it a new look and a new life. Good luck on your project!

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