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16 Red brick fireplace makeover ideas

Have a red brick fireplace that you want to give a makeover? These brick fireplace makeover ideas are sure to inspire your next DIY project!

Brick fireplaces are a traditional staple in homes in many regions.

And I totally get it – brick is timeless and a high-quality building material. A brick fireplace is a wonderful thing!

However, the brick color can be very trendy – and therefore fall out of style often or quickly.

Also, fireplaces are naturally eye catching. The instantly become the centerpiece of any room they are in.

For that reason, you might be feeling like your beautiful brick fireplace has become a dated eyesore.

If you are wanting to change up your brick fireplace, there are a few options for updating it on a budget.

16 red brick fireplace makeover ideas

How do you modernize a red brick fireplace?

In general, fireplaces stop looking modern when the materials used to make them get outdated.

This could be the stone, the metal style or color, or the mantel material.

There are a ton of options for things that you can do to change the look of a brick fireplace:

Removed fireplace surround and mantel

What is the cheapest way to update a brick fireplace?

The cheapest way to update a brick fireplace would definitely be with paint! Painting a brick wall can totally change the feel of a room, all for the cost of a can of paint and a brush.

Painting is usually cheaper and easier than refacing your brick fireplace completely.

Choose indoor, latex, heat-resistant paint specifically formulated for brick. We suggest this paint for a whitewashed look and this paint in a flat finish for full coverage.

But, adding a new mantel can be a great, less permanent option for a fresh look.

Here are some specific DIY projects from around the web about how to give a red brick fireplace a makeover!

Red Brick Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Have a red brick fireplace that feels outdated? Here are a ton of ideas for giving it a makeover!

Want more inspiration? Check out my round up of updated DIY fireplace makeover ideas!

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