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How to keep necklaces from tangling while wearing them

If you have a problem with your necklaces tangling while wearing them, you will love this simple hack! All you need is a necklace spacer to avoid this annoying problem.

I am pretty simple when it comes to jewelry – I wear the same monogrammed necklace every day. I’ve worn it ever since Sean gave it to me as a wedding gift.

But, when Luke was born, Sean gave me a necklace with his birthstone on it as well.

It was the perfect length for layering, so I thought that I would wear both of the necklaces together. 

However, this was an immediate problem.

The shorter necklace got wrapped around the longer one a lot.

I wasn’t doing anything crazy – just normal wear was causing them to get tangled. 

I had Sean untangle my necklaces several times.

It was when they were so knotted up that it took him half an hour and a pair of tweezers to untangle them that I decided to look for a solution to keep my layered necklaces from tangling while I was wearing them. 

How to keep necklaces from tangling while wearing them

Keeping your necklaces tangle free is really important!

Delicate necklaces can break from being knotted. Even if they aren’t damaged, it is time consuming and annoying to have to constantly untangle a tangled mess of chains.

Why does my necklace keep tangling?

If your layered necklaces are gettting tangled while you wear them, it might be because either:

  1. The necklaces are the same length
  2. The necklace chains are criss crossed.

Necklaces that are the same length are more likely to get tnagled because the chains overlap almost entirely.

Instead, aim to pair together necklaces of different lengths. This will allow the long necklace’s chain to hang a distance from that of the shorter necklace, decreasing the chance of knots.

To remedy the crossed chains, you just need a simple piece of hardware.

I have been able to successfully keep my layered necklaces from getting tangled while wearing them by using a layered necklace spacer

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Keep Necklaces from Tangling - Charleston Crafted

I bought my layered necklace spacer on Etsy. It was about $11. 

I also found this multipack on Amazon, but I have not tried these personally. 

A layered necklace spacer works by creating a new clasp for your necklaces.

You can buy them with spots for 2 or 3 layered necklaces. 

The spacer has 2 pieces.

Keep Necklaces from Tangling - Charleston Crafted

One end has loops that you hook your necklace clasps to. 

Simply unclasp the necklace and hook the latches onto those loops.

The other end has spring clasps that you clasp to your necklace’s loops. 

Once you attach your necklaces, they should hang parallel to each other and not tangle.

Then, you slide the two pieces together as a new clasp. 

Keep Necklaces from Tangling - Charleston Crafted

Warning: be sure that you line the necklaces up in the same order on each side to have them hang correctly. This will help the necklaces stay parallel to each other, preventing tangles.

Since I have started using a layered necklace spacer, I have not had any trouble with my necklaces getting tangled!

I thought that this was an awesome jewelry hack and I had to share it with you! 

How to keep necklaces from tangling when storing

I now keep all of my jewelry organized in a jewelry drawer!

Are your necklaces getting tangled in the jewelry box? Try these hacks:

Drinking Straw

String one side of your necklace through a plastic or paper straw and then re-clasp it. This hides a good portion of the chain, preventing it from being tangled.

Toilet paper rolls

Use the same method as the straw but with a toilet paper or paper towel roll (empty of course). This works great for chunky or beaded necklaces.

Plastic wrap

Necklaces can also be wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent tangles. Wrap them tightly.

This works great for packing or traveling, or infrequently worn necklaces.


Cut small slits in cardboard – such as a cereal box, business card, or post card – and wrap necklaces there. You may need to use a small piece of tape to hold it in place.

Do you have any favorite tips for keeping jewelry from getting tangled?

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